Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bachelorette 8 Episode 2 Recap: "Check it"

Kermit and Emily on the group date.
Photo Source: ABC

     The episode kicks off with a lot of news coverage. I cannot even imagine how crazy it was in Charlotte during the taping. We get to see Emily in her element with her friends, who are also the moms of Ricki’s friends. 
     Chris Harrison comes out to the patio and explains the process. BAM!
First One-on-one Date: Ryan

Emily driving to take Ricki cookies.
Photo Source: ABC
     I really like Ryan, he seems very confident but he quotes his pastor and puts himself back in the ballgame. Kalon questions that maybe Ryan will not come home, as I think the Botox clearly got to his head, but missed some lines. 
     Emily shows up in her car and “mom clothes.” Personally, I would love to borrow any of Emily’s “mom clothes.”  We get a one-liner from Kalon,
    “It’s like the frat house from hell on steroids.” Kalon
     Some jealousy comes from Chris and a split second shot of b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Arie. 

Emily and Ryan.
Photo Source: ABC
     Ryan is wondering what airplane, helicopter or elaborate date he is going on. Emily informs him he is going to help her carry in groceries. It is Emily’s turn to be the snack mom and Ryan looks beyond surprised. They look really cute together and he passed the cookie test. 
     Emily tells Ryan she is a “protective momma and that she will go drop the stuff off and be back.” I really wanted Ricki to look over and say “who is the guy in the car?”  Emily jokes that the next stop is Chuck E. Cheese’s. Ryan looked up for the challenge. 
I'm kidding.
Photo Source: ABC

     Now we go into Bachelorette mode, fast sports car, fabulous clothes and dinner. There are a lot of people in Charlotte and I love how Em considers it a small town. Charlotte loves them some Emily, with good reason. Emily brings out the hard questions and Ryan trips on his words a bit. She doesn’t want to be the prize and I don’t blame her.
     “Roses are red, rose for you, congratulations Ryan the chase comment wasn’t the end of you.” 

Ryan's intense conversation look.
Photo Source: ABC
     Emily really appreciated how he handled the date, and told him she was going to give him a chase. The band Gloriana played for them and half of Charlotte. Did anyone else think the lead singer of Gloriana looks like Jef?
Group Date Card: Muppet Time
Alejandro, Nate, Alessandro, Tony, Michael, John, Jef, Charlie, Kyle, Chris, Aaron, Stevie and Kalon.

Emily with the men.
Photo Source: ABC
Top Twelve Moments From the Date:

1. Emily and Ricki on stage together with the muppets.
2. Jef and Emily’s conversation after the date. She likes Jef!
3. The moment she and Charlie had when he was concerned about going on stage.
4. Jef’s proposal to Miss Piggy.
5. Her alone time with Chris, you can tell this is in it to win it. 
6. Jef getting the group date rose. 
7. Stevie’s hat and scarf. 
8. The terrible, terrible comedy. 
9. Kalon’s amazing outfit, he looked like he was going to a Ralph Lauren photo shoot. 
10. The guy’s spying on Stevie. 
11. Aaron not giving Kalon two more minutes. Awkward!
12. Stevie vs. Kalon showdown. 

Emily with Chris, Stevie and more.
Photo Source: ABC

Aaron was one Samantha away from a van. He is lucky Emily didn't send him home then and there. 
Second One-on-one Date: Joe
     Joe shows up and Emily is standing by a plane. I love her hair and outfit. She looks gorgeous. They go to Emily’s home state of West Virginia and visit The Greenbrier, which looks like a playground for the wealthy. They swim in a pool that is over 100 years old. 
     Emily’s dress is major! Joe is an extremely nice guy and funny. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of chemistry, but a great friendship. When asked the tough questions, Joe gets a little tongue tied. He does not have a clear vision of where he would like to be in five years, this is crucial for Emily, since she has Ricki. She cannot picture herself and Ricki in someone’s life, that is not remotely planned out.
     The conversation was going south, and not back to Charlotte. Joe does not want to plan his life by the “textbook” but there has to be certainty for Emily’s life. He could possibly fit in with Emily, but ultimately she does not fit in his life and knows it. I’ll make it short, Joe does not get the rose, Emily feels terrible and the only sparks are the fireworks. The fireworks made it that much more sad. As Justin said, “Womp, womp, womp.”
Back at the mansion:
     Kalon imagined the first child would be his own. Doug and Tony reaffirm the importance of being a dad. Kalon accuses Doug of putting being a dad on hold, and told him to ask Emily if she is putting being a mom on hold. 
     Doug says my new favorite catchphrase, “Check it.” 
     Sean tells in his interview, “Kalon is not the best communicator anyway.” Yes, I love Sean’s commentary. 
     The guys die when they see Joe’s luggage get taken away. 

     No dates for Arie, Sean and Travis. I fully believe she knew how well she liked Arie and Sean. She probably wanted a break from the egg. 
Cocktail Party:
     Emily gets ready with Ricki and her mom. She heads out to the mansion to see them men.
     The guys who haven’t had dates with her have to make up for lost time. Arie should not stray away from my TV for that long ever again. He and Emily look beautiful together. They have great body language and Arie gained major points, with dating a mom who has two kids. It would not be a shock for him to jump in the kiddie pool. 
      Ryan pulls her away, first of all I think he is great, but he has a rose. Tony tries to go steal her and Ryan gives her a letter. She reads it out loud and it is seven pages long. This is beyond awkward, if I was Tony, I would have fake passed out or something. Tony, don’t stay, walk away.
     10 years later, Tony is still waiting. Emily likes the letter, but isn’t a fan of the timing. He could have given to her and then walked away. Tony had a nice save by saying, “I told him to write all of that.” He told her he had a son, I think his son is too close in age to Ricki, for it to work. 
     Emily and Kalon chat, and she tells him, “You seem older than 26.” He takes it as a compliment and his plastic surgeon doesn’t. He has a good vocabulary, in the “real world,” I am sure he is not the worst. In this situation, his arrogance is a little too much. I am sure it will only get worse, and Kalon will need a helicopter to save him from the hole he will dig himself into. 
Rose Ceremony:
Michael (Justin said, “who?”)
Travis (minus Shelly, the egg)
Alejandro (the o’s are safe, muy bien)

     Aaron got the boot, this is what happens when you don’t give away two minutes. Kyle, who knew he talked? Then Joe already got the boot.
     Arie gets a one-on-one date, thank you Jesus! Chris gets the first adventure date. They break the egg, poor Shelly. It looks like Tony has a breakdown and things get dramatic. 
     So far I think Emily is an incredible lead. I can't wait for next week. What are your thoughts on this episode?



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