Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Bachelor Pad 3 Cast: Favorites in Whoville

Today The Bachelor Pad 3 cast was announced. I have very mixed feelings about the cast. There were five contestants I was thrilled to see, and some I asked myself, who? I can named a lot of contestants, so if I don't remember someone, it is not a good sign. 

As far as fans, I thought there would be a couple, but six? I'm glad the producers brought on Paige Vigil. As soon as I saw her video, I started talking to her on Twitter, she and her cat are fabulous.

Ed Swiderski (Bachelorette Season 5, Jillian Harris): Oh Ed, one of the extra five guys Jillian's season. He was famous for his swimsuit and bailing on the show for his "great" job. He came back just in time to win Jillian's heart and almost give her a heart attack. I see him trying to get as many ladies as possible. 

Reid Rosenthal (Bachelorette Season 5, Jillian Harris): I loved Reid on Jillian's season, and cringed when he came back  to propose to her. In Bachelor world, you don't get drama that good. He got turned down, went home sold real estate and got a gorgeous pageant (ex) girlfriend. Obviously, they are no longer together. 

Michael Stagliano (Bachelorette Season 5, Jillian Harris): Yay Stag is back to find love (hopefully with Lindzi). I know he showed an interest in her while writing his blog. I love their chill attitudes. I thought ABC would make him The Bachelor, over being on The Bachelor Pad again. After the humiliation of how he found out Holly was engaged, ABC owed him. 

Ryan Hoag (Bachelorette Season 4, DeAnna Pappas): Who?? I remember contestants from the first season. How do I not remember someone who was on the same show as Graham, Jesse, Jason, Jeremy and Richard. I looked him up just to see who he was, and he got eliminated week two on DeAnna's season. ABC, was Graham not available to come back?

Nick Peterson (Bachelorette Season 7, Ashley Hebert): Yay a familiar face, Nick, personal trainer from Tampa will return. I think he was also a fan of Lindzi. I thought it would be good to have Elyse, from Ben's season on too. I'm sure he will be a fierce competitor.

Tony Pieper (Bachelorette Season 8, Emily Maynard): TONY? I died when I saw he was going to be on this season. Out of all of Emily's guys, we get the one who had a breakdown over being away from his child? He would come on The Bachelor Pad, but wouldn't stay for Emily Maynard? He will be entertaining to watch, or at the very least, blogworthy.

Kalon McMahon (Bachelorette Season 8, Emily Maynard): If there was a fan out there who didn't think Kalon would be on this season, they need to get their head checked. I thought he and Erica would be interesting partners, but I heard he wasn't very nice to her. No one, I mean no one is rude to Judge Erica. The guys will hate him, he'll probably get (want) the twins, and expect fabulous clothes and a lot of baggage. 

Mystery Man (Bachelorette, Season 8, Emily Maynard) Ryan is a huge possibility, but of course, I hope for Sean, Arie or hilarious egg guy, Travis.  I'm hoping Travis comes on and brings Shelly 2.0. 

Chris Bain (super fan)

David Mallet (super fan)

Lindzi Cox (Bachelor Season 16, Ben Flajnik): Lindzi was one of my favorite girls on Ben's season. She kept calm and stayed clear of the drama. She'll be a perfect Bachelor Pad partner, but who will get her first? 

Blakeley Shea Jones (Bachelor Season 16, Ben Flajnik): Blakeley is a super sweet girl, I know her blessings will help her compete, and I can only hope she brings back the romper. I think she'll get along with the contestants better.

Sarah Newlon (Bachelor, Season 11, Brad Womack): Another "who" moment? This isn't the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but we are in Whoville, I looked her up and still didn't really remember anything about her. Rumor has it, she made out with Reid during a reunion, I smell drama with these two. 

Jamie Otis (Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik): Oh the infamous informative kisser. My eyes have never watched something so awkward in my entire life. When it happened, Justin said, "I hate this, this is the most awkward thing ever." Alcohol is not her friend, and lap dances are not her specialty. 

Erica Rose (Bachelor, Season 9, Prince Lorenzo Borghese): My main request was answered, it was to have Erica back on the show. She has the best one-liners out of any contestants, and I love her. Hopefully her tiaras are packed and she gets to spy a lot. She is the only person on earth who can say an insulting comment and get away with it. I hope she gets an awesome partner. 

Jaclyn Swartz (Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik): Jac! The person who ties for the best one-liners with Erica. She is hysterical and I am so happy to have her back on my TV. She will say anything and do anything. Entertainment Weekly said she and Rachel are jealous of each other. That is the most bogus thing ever, they are really good friends!

Want to read my interview with Jaclyn? You can read it here. 

Rachel Trueheart (Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik): Rachel is known for being "bangin" and laid back. She beat Blakeley out on a 2-on-1. She and Jaclyn will add some humor to the show. 

You can read my interview with her here.

Brittany and Erica Taltos (super fans, competing as one contestant): They are twins and I heard one of them is a "virgin." I don't get how they are playing as one.

Paige Vigil (super fan): Paige is the only super fan I have spoke with. She has a cool cat, job and seems like a lot of fun. I hope she makes it far. 

Donna Zitelli (super fan): Another fan I know nothing about. 

Overall, I feel a little underwhelmed. I thought there would be four fans at the most, and there are technically six. I would have liked to see Michelle Money, Graham Bunn, Marissa May, William Holman, and Elyse Myers because someone will need to say "Who IS she?" I hope the fans are all really great and might be on the future Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. 

I'm sure the show will still be as entertaining to watch as always. I can't wait to see how they incorporate the fans. I trust the producers, because they haven't failed me yet.

What are your thoughts? Which guy of Emily's do you think will be on the show? 


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