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The Bachelorette 8 Episode 6: Nothing Says Brave Like a Kilt

The Bachelorette is in Croatia, and all of the guys are thrilled to be there. “Croatia is a great place to fall in love.” So is every other place the producers decide to visit. You would have thought they were in Tahiti with that excitement. Emily delivers the first date card, and I assume Croatia has a terrible mail system or the creepy door knock guy isn’t there. One-on-one: Travis

No rose for you.
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Travis is one of the funniest guys on the show. I was iffy about him when he showed up with Shelly, the egg. Mississippi is a charmer now, he and Emily walked around Croatia, and it was clear there was no spark. She totally gave him the friend hug after a day of dance, food and fun. Travis was sent home, we see him throw his umbrella down, and my heart broke for him. Thank God they didn't make him do his interview out in the rain. My Travis date analysis is short, because I just couldn’t watch his heart break again. He will find him a lovely lady out there. I just wanted Shelly to be in the car for him. Group Date: Movies, muscles and macking All of Emily’s favorite are on this date, that starts out at the movies, watching the Disney flick, Brave. Justin swears they didn’t watch the whole thing. Personally, I want to know how many American Girl Dolls Emily had to buy to get Ricki’s forgiveness, for going to see Brave without her. After the movie, Emily brings out kilts. “The difference between a kilt and a skirt is nothing,” Sean said.

Hunger Games style.
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How sad is it, that Arie looks just as good in a kilt? All of the guys were great at archery minus Chris. I give him props though for going first, and failing again. Arie rocked it of course, and Emily couldn’t watch when Jef threw it. Sean threw the log so far it broke, Emily thought it was hot like every other woman in America. My friend Lauren compared him to Chuck Norris, which is a perfect comparison. 

Emily's final six.
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We had some major “check it” time when Chris chose Doug as his opponent. There was an award, of course, the “brave award.” I thought that automatically got him a rose, but I was wrong. Later in the date, we learn Arie is the type of guy to kiss you against a wall, and Jef kisses under an orange blanket. When Jef said, “I’m freaking crazy about you,” my heart melt. She has some good solid relationships. 

Chris gets the sympathy rose, poor guy was as bad as a child soccer player who kicks it in the wrong goal. His “That’s what she said” opportunities for jokes was very roseworthy. One-on-one: Ryan
Ryan's joke give Em this face.
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When Emily arrived, I loved how Jef and Arie wear their hoods, always. They take a car to go oyster hunting, Ryan talks about how it is an aphrodisiac, Arie is more suited for that. Ryan brings up trophy wives, which is so awkward, we see Emily question everything about him. She is a single mother, not clay he can mold into whatever he wants. I found it hysterical when she wore gold, the stylist had to tease him, dressing her like a trophy. Their conversation is semi-awkward, the way he laughs makes him appear he isn’t serious. Emily said, “Thank God you clarified that much,” when Ryan says she is more than just a trophy wife. I love her sassy attitude. Ryan brings out a list of things his woman needs. Oh boy, she was not impressed. Emily can’t be his idea of perfect. They start playing sad music, and it is going south quick, and I don’t mean to Georgia. He didn’t value family high enough in his list, they are way too different people. I don’t think Ryan is a bad guy, or villain by any means, he and Emily just aren’t right for each other. How shocked he was, made him look arrogant. She was turning him down softly. I thought she was going to have to say, “no means no.” Creepy baggage guy showed up, and it was time for him to hit the road. Arie sneaks out: Emily had to be thrilled to see Arie on her doorstep, even though it wasn’t to save the day. The way he talks to her and kisses her is so different from anyone else. He really stepped up to the plate, and has her back, and her front. 

Sneaky Arie
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She jokingly gives him the rose, and they kiss. How did no one not notice he was gone? If he isn’t her fiancĂ©, I feel sorry for whoever that might be. He is falling faster than everyone else, if he gets sent home, it will be so bad. I liked that he said, “I could ask this girl to marry me tomorrow.” Cocktail Party: Wolfie was on the bubble, but steps up by sharing his personal experience, of carrying his grandparents’ funeral cards. Emily appeared touched, and for the first time this season, we see Emily’s emotions come through about her past. This made me like Wolfie even more than his red pants. 
Emily tells Doug to scoot on in there, and put his arm around her. He is not taking any type of initiative. Emily says that she loves they call him, “humble Doug,” but he is self-deprecating. Her vocabulary is impressive. We see a quick Dougdown, before the rose ceremony. Wolfie and Dougster look terrified. Rose Ceremony: Oprah Style, rose for you, rose for you and a rose for you.
Rose for who?
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I fell victim to editing when it came to the rose ceremony. 

Runaway rose.
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Sean, Jef and Arie get roses. Chris Harrison tells Emily, “when your ready,” obviously he didn’t know she would take him up on that. They made us believe that both guys are going home, those tricksters. Doug and John’s faces turned when Chris walked in with two roses. It was interesting that Chris said, “There are no rules.” Preview: We see her kissing Wolfie, Arie and Sean. It appears Chris has some sort of minor meltdown, and Emily finds out about Arie and Cassie. She seems to be mad at both of them, it would suck to find out your friend hadn’t told you, but it was nine years ago and Cassie is getting married. 

I can't wait for next week! What did you think about the episode? 


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