Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bachelorette 8 Episode 7: Producer, Puppets and Prague

Emily and her men are thrilled to be in Prague, she is rocking boots as always. Seriously, her boot collection has to be major. Chris Harrison does his famous introduction and Bachelorette math. He talks about the hometowns, putting a lot of pressure on the guys. No dates on the one-on-one dates, what is the fun in that? He tells them to go find their hotel, I wish the producers would have really made them find it on their own. Sean says he wants to soak up the culture, culture won’t make him look as good as the sun. One-on-one: Arie Emily comes in and hugs all of the guys, Dougie nabbed her first. Her outfit is beyond amazing, if I could own any of her outfits, I would want it to be this one. Emily keeps dropping the husband word about Arie, Justin noticed this fun fact. Fairly soon into the date they already start kissing, how are these two going to exist without kissing each other? Then it gets serious, we have a Chris Harrison intervention. Cassie gives Emily her microphone and tells her about them. Emily wishes Arie would have told her he knew Cassie, or vice versa. It is such an awkward conversation, because it was a really long time ago. They dated 10 years ago, I was playing Bratz dolls then.

Cassie interviewing Emily about Arie.
Photo Source: ABC
This situation is like standing in line for a roller coaster, getting to the front of the line, and then the ride being broken. We learn Arie and Emily had a conversation off camera. Seriously, all of this hype for nothing? I came to the conclusion Arie could tell me he dated Lindsay Lohan and I would forgive him. They are so cute together, and her eyes light up when they are together. She cares about what his family would think of her, says she will have to plan her outfit and then Arie drops , “I love you.” This was so sweet, I melted. 

Emily got over it very quickly.
Photo Source: ABC
One-on-one: Wolfie Wolfie finally gets a one-on-one. I was sad he didn’t wear his red pants. Emily sounds like a tour guide, I wonder if she has an earpiece that tells her the stuff? If not, I am extremely impressed. Of course, there is a symbolic lock, and it doesn’t work. They have dinner in a dungeon, Wolfie tells about how he used to fix girls. He talked about how his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, a few days after their one year anniversary. He found out from her sister, so sad. It really proves why he is reserved, and not as quick to jump head first.
Emily and Wolfie admire the art.
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They seem to have a good connection, not Sean or Arie level, but a solid relationship. “I’m not a starter, but I am a closer.” Wolfie comes home and the guys are dying to know how his date went. He reassures them it was really good, and Chris looks like he might bust. Sean takes matter into his own hands, by running around Prague to find Emily. Come on the producer had to send him in the right direction. He finds Emily on a random street. He surprises her and kisses her up against a wall. I love these two together. 

Sean kissing Emily against the wall.
Photo Source: ABC
Group Date: Sean, Chris and Doug They all hangout, Chris is angry and Doug won’t get close to Emily. Then Emily walks Doug out, and starts having the “you are going home” talk. Doug has NO IDEA, and proceeds to kiss her, bad, bad move. I felt bad for Dougie, and awkward for myself. At least he gets to come home to Austin. Emily felt bad about sending Doug home, and the result is a two-on-one date. Sean and Emily talk and kiss. Chris tells her that he wanted a one-on-one, and was mad at Emily. Hey Chris, the producers pick, and let his drama unfold. Someone really needed to give him a Xanax. Sean gets the rose and I thought Chris was going to hit the ceiling. Chris got a hand pat out of the deal. One-on-one: Jef My TV started messing up during this date, and I thought I was going to die. They go into a puppet store, which made me think of the Criminal Minds, where the lady makes the people be puppets. Jef runs back in the store to get one for Ricki. Emily says, she could see herself walking into Jef’s office, and seeing pictures of their family. Does Jef have an office? 

Emily and Jef puppet shopping.
Photo Source: ABC
They act out their entire relationship through puppets, up until the point where Jef tells her he loves her. I really wish he would have said that without the puppet, but it was cute. Jef asks her if they can get a dog together? Emily suggests another cat. He tells about how he broke up with another girl, because his parents didn’t like her. This made me nervous for Emily, I get parent’s approval, but I would hope Jef’s valued his own opinion on his ex. Maybe she was Hitler, but she could have been a saint. They talk about whether or not they would like to live with each other before, and how they both wanted kids yesterday. My favorite line was, I want to date you so hard, and marry the f**k out of you. Cocktail Party: Chris is nervous, because of the way he acted, the day before. He is sure that he can redeem himself, but surprise, Emily doesn’t need a cocktail party. He starts to cry, seriously what is wrong with him? He needs to get it together.
Emily's thinking face.
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Rose Ceremony: Sean has a rose, and gets a hometown. Jef gets a rose, then Arie and drama happens. We are down to the final rose and Chris wants to chat. He tells her he acted like a boy, is ready to be a man for her and Ricki. He goes on to say he is falling in love with her. Chris ends up getting the rose. Do you think Chris got the rose because of the talk? Thoughts on the Arie drama? What about Jef wanting kids yesterday? Comment below or send me a tweet, @BachelorExpert. I can’t wait for hometowns. Ashley

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