Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bachelorette 8 Episode 10 Recap: The Men Tell All (Some)

Reunion shows are supposed to be exciting and dramatic surrounding The Bachelorette. Biggest problem? The lack of Emily Maynard on the stage, she and Chris Harrison reflected on the experience ahead of time. 
Ryan likes trophy wives, Kalon is a tool and Dougie had a terribly awkward kiss. 

Emily looking gorgeous at the MTA.
Photo Source: ABC

Bloopers and other funny stuff:
One of the funniest parts is when Emily spilled the wine on her dress, cussed and said, “Oh no I’m supposed to be a lady.” 
Putting Shelly to bed was amazing, then they went on to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Little Ricki opts for a story, but not baby egg Shelly. I absolutely loved his rendition of Shakespeare. 
Arie and Emily kiss at the end of the hometown, then we see younger Arie twins spying on their kisses. Who could blame them? I would spy on them kissing too, their Showtime must have been out. 
Chris is a terrible dancer, something he should have learned for Toddler’s and Tiara’s. 
Emily saying, “Hopefully I sleep with 25 guys.”
The umbrella falling and Emily saying “Andrew.” Who is Andrew? That was absolutely hilarious. 
The Queen Elizabeth mask. 
The lights going out during her interview about Ryan.
Bachelor Pad Preview: 
Reid and Ed have a feud
Chris is angry
Jamie is running around in a swimsuits
Michael is back
Lindzi’s hair is fabulous
Love triangles
Rach’s bangs are amazing as always
Jac looks fabulous and is already knocking out the eye rolls
We see my favorite fan, Paige
Erica takes down a fan
A spelling bee 
Lindzi likes her some Kalon 
Tears, tears, and more tears
Chris trades girls like cars
Introducing the guys:
Boos for Kalon, cheers for everyone else, but you would have thought Sean was the Super Bowl Champion. 
We reflect on Kalon, his feud with Stevie, Dougie and more. How could anyone forget Chris and Doug’s little tiff? I was thrilled when we got to see Arie’s Hulk impression again. 
I forgot how excited the guys were when Ryan was sent home. 
Winners of the night: 
  1. Sean, of course! 
  2. Emily, looking hot in pink, and taking down Kalon, with sass and class. 
  3. Wolfie’s pants.
  4. Emily’s major outfit, perfection.
  5. Chris Harrison, always. Considering Jake Pavelka a puppet. 
Losers of the night: 
  1. Chris, in the fact he still wasn’t over things. Seriously he just hooked up with how many girls on Bachelor Pad, and is still upset? 
  2. Kalon and the baggage comment. Why did he tweet something about baggage the other day? 
  3. Kalon’s spray tan. 
  4. Alessandro, why was the cousin, vampire gypsy thing not brought up?
  5. Tony giving Emily a hug, sit down boy. What part of him thought that was a good idea?
I’m actually quite thrilled Kalon is on Bachelor Pad, seriously he was born for this show. Anyone who is mad about it, will be over it and watching on July 23rd. 
Bad tweeter: Yes
Politician worthy: Yes
Funny: No
Too much plastic surgery: Yes
Apologetic: No
Bachelor Pad worthy: Yes

Future Congressman.
Photo Source: ABC

Truly a bad person: No
Self-absorbed: Yes 
Says offensive things: Yes
Confident: Yes
Malicious: No
Entertaining: Yes

I'm going to let you finish.
Photo Source: ABC

Angry: Yes
Sad: Yes
Mature: Nah
Good looking: Yes
Too emotional: Yes
Bachelor Pad Worthy: Yes

Three hook-ups later and all I got was this frown.
Photo Source: ABC

It made me sad when he was talking about how he lost friends. 
Hot: Yes
Marriage Material: Yes
Fan-favorite: Yes
Charming: Yes
Incredible Guy: Yes
Next Bachelor Material: Yes

This is my Bachelor face.
Photo Source: ABC

I can’t say no about anything when it comes to Sean. He is All-American, has a great family and ladies are lined up around the street for him. He had an admirable exit and it was sad to watch his departure again. 
How has Sean avoided a Texas takeover by all of the women who like him? He must have retreated to Kensington’s Cottage. 
His mom said this would be healthy for him in the long run, Momma Lowe was thinking Sean would be the next Bachelor, like I was. Sean hopes the love of his life comes around sooner than later, next Bachelor anyone? 
Plus Sean was the only person’s name she said, when she was talking about how it was good to see the guys. “What girl wouldn’t want to be with Sean?” I agree with Emily. 
The Final Two Guys: 
They have such a strong connection, oh my the way he kisses her is beyond insane. I like he also considers her his best friend, now that a good friend. 
He gets her, they are always laughing and smiling. Justin loves him some Jef, he might die if Emily doesn’t pick him. “I think we have a love that will make the storybooks jealous.”
I loved seeing Emily’s cat videos. I’m sure whoever she picks will love her and her videos. 
Who do you think she will choose? I can’t wait for the finale!


  1. I just spent wayy too much time and going back and reading all your posts from this season, ben's season and Bachelor Pad 2. hahaha I love your writing style! Surprised no one ever comments on the blog!

    I definitely found Ryan super entertaining! And it really showed that he was not taking the whole process very seriously once he was gone. Its refreshing that he could just laugh at himself.

    I may be in the minority but I've always liked Kalon. I've always thought that he was a poor 'villain" because he never really did anything too bad. He made snide comments here and there but nothing to phone home about. And he still has some of my favorite lines from the season

    I'm rooting for Arie! I just love his personality and think he is gorgeous!

    Anyways, great post!! Cant wait to read more!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you love it! Do you have Twitter?