Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Bachelorette 8 Episode 8: Love Letters and Lost in Translation

The episode begins with Emily back in Charlotte. Little Ricki made her mom a glittery “Welcome Home” sign. I really think I should get one of those signs, whenever I’m away from home for a while. 
Ricki has some braids, and an invisible babysitter. Kidding, I know they just didn’t show her on screen. Emily goes on to recap her thoughts on her final four guys. She locks the camera man in her house, and we get to see her fashionable pajamas. 
Welcome to Chicago! It looks like Emily swiped Wolfie’s pants from him, before he hit the road last week. I was extremely sad when they just went to a pub. I know this was a representation of his heritage, but come on, the city that has Michigan Avenue. He should have taken Emily shopping. 
Chris’ parents seemed nice and his sister was very protective. I really liked Chris’ mom.  I knew he was a goner, when she told Emily if she isn’t going to choose him, to send him home now. This always gets a person kicked to the curb, Kacie B. is the perfect example of this. 
Emily asks Chris’ dad if he is ready to be a dad? What she really meant was, will his Toddlers and Tiaras tendencies rival my six-year-old? His mother told him to go out there and “kick ass.” We see where Chris gets his competitive spirit. 
When Emily left Chris’ date and he told her he was in love with her, it was clear he was going home. She started to pull away from him. 

Jef and Emily.
Photo Source: ABC
I was shocked Jef’s date was showed second. It seems in the past, they have saved the “best” for last. The placing of his date was telling for me though. The producers set the bar high with Jef, and want everyone to fall in love with him for Emily.  
First of all, I love Emily’s outfit and hair. No one told me Jef’s parents own all of Utah, that ranch is huge. They rode around and did “country” things. Who would have though Jef could get all dirty in those skinnies. He was knocking those clay pigeons out, but Emily also rocked it. 
Jef says, “ I want Emily to hold a gun all day long.” I bet you do Jef, I bet you do. He prepares her for meeting the family, some brothers, sisters and a few kids. There is so many people, I thought we were at the Dugger’s house. 
She has a chat with Jef’s brother Steve, he brought out some tough questions. Emily answered the questions very well, I thought it was cute when he said they complement each other. 

Emily and Jef shooting clay pigeons.
Photo Source: ABC

His sisters are gorgeous and fashionable, after seeing them, I think I will give him a pass on the Chloe handbag comment. I feared when Jef’s sisters paused when Emily asked if he is ready. Wow, I think one of them is Julianne Hough’s twin. 
Jef’s little niece is precious. I don’t know about Emily, but Jef had me at his niece’s French Braid, that was perfection. In all seriousness, Emily seemed to pass the test.
They start walking around the ranch and Emily looks like a giddy little school girl. She looks so happy with him. Jef wrote her the sweetest note, now he knows when the timing is right (cough, cough, Ryan). We see Emily close her eyes and open them again, almost like she thought it wasn’t real. 
Justin said, “That was the speech that won it for him, isn’t it?” I am so thankful he didn’t steal anything from Sex and the City
Emily arrives at a racetrack and there is Arie. She says, “Arie looks stupid hot.” I am shocked she got in the car, that thing needed four walls. We see another “set on the blanket” moment. Arie preps Emily before meeting his parents, I was terrified for her. 
When they arrive we see the happiest twin guys, I have seen. They have a quick introduction, and his family starts talking in Dutch. Wow, this was terribly awkward, I felt bad for Emily. 
This kiss is "stupid hot."
Photo Source: ABC

Arie’s family weren’t as welcoming and open to the process. This may be the fact they are European and Americans act a lot differently. Arie’s mom watches The Bachelor? I thought Emily explained her situation and what happened with Brad. Towards the end of  the conversation, their dynamic was a lot better. 
I thought Papa Arie was great, and seemed reassuring about the process. His parents love him so much and it is obvious. 
Of course they had to have a quick makeout before Emily left. We cannot have an episode without those kisses. 
Sean greets Emily with his pups. Do you think the pups would get along with Emily’s kitties? They walk around picking wild flowers, throwing frisbies and were almost a country song. Sean says he will never allow a girl to give herself to him, with him knowing she is the one. I really wanted him to clarify that statement. 

He kept reassuring Emily his family will love her. Out of all of the guys he seemed the most confident in her meeting his parents. 
They walk in and we seem the happiest little girl, Kensington. She is thrilled to see Seanie. Holy wow, Kensington’s cottage is major! I would hang out in that dollhouse now. 
How beautiful of a couple would they be?
Photo Source: ABC

The look on Sean’s mom’s face when he said, “I live here,” was priceless. It was like her son just through the basketball in the other team’s hoop. Goodness gracious, they go up to his “room” and there are stuffed animals everywhere. There is leftover cookies, ah. 
Emily kept trying to keep a straight face, but it wasn’t successful. “He is a mess and is really into stuffed animals,” she said. Sean told her “obviously I don’t live here” and she was in shock. She had to put her good thoughts of him back together, since they shattered. I really wished he lived in Kensington’s Cottage. 
Sean’s parents are amazing, they are so kind. Emily really seems to fit in with them. We see Sean’s mom put it all in perspective. His mom told Emily to bring Ricki next time, and she said she would love Sean’s room. Emily and Sean’s family meshed perfectly. 
Emily tells Sean that she will miss him. He chases the car to kiss her again, his running is beyond impressive, Croatia now Dallas. I think Sean is the only one she told, “I’m going to miss you.” Of course, this could be an editing ploy. 
Chris Harrison Recap: 
Emily gets to tell Chris all about her week. I wish there would have been a cocktail party. I love how Chris acts like he doesn’t know what happened. It is clear, how much Emily is dreading the rose ceremony. 
Rose Ceremony: 
Chris looks extremely worried, I was hoping he wouldn’t stop another rose ceremony. 
In order:
Departure: Chris
I have seen much more admirable exits in this series. Chris wasn’t rude, but he said, “ I told you I love you.” She didn’t make him say that, he did it on his own. That can’t be used as a dagger. 

Emily has a great final three. They are all so different, but equally good for Emily. I think this is the best final three in a really long time. I haven't found a thing wrong with any of them. 

I can’t wait for next week! What was your favorite date? Whose parents did you absolutely love? 

The latest Bachelor Padling is Chris.


  1. I agree with you that these three guys really are great! It's so hard to figure out who she is going to pick. If she would have met Jefs parents I would say him, but I think not meeting someones parents might be a problem.
    Aries family speaking dutch was extremly RUDE and nothing else. I was shocked that they did that. WHYYYY??!??!! I was so angry with them. I don't even speak swedish with my dad when americans are around, and he's not good at english or comfortable speaking english!
    I just think it's rude!

  2. I completely agree with you! It was so awkward.