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The Bachelorette 8 Episode 9: Emily Maynard One Prince Charming Away From Being a Disney Princess

We see Emily Maynard on the beach in Curaco, then we have a recap of her final three. I will do you a favor and not do a recap of the recap. The thing I found most interesting about the recap, was Emily crying while talking about Arie. The one thing I learned in the first 15 minutes, I didn’t already know, is how perfect Emily’s sand writing looks. Sean: If I remember right, being the first one-on-one is a bad thing. I remember this because I said, at least Nicki was lucky she got Ben first. You don’t know how thrilled I am to see a helicopter. Justin talks about how he doesn’t understand how anyone could be shocked about helicopters, when there are a lot every season, but not this one. I was afraid helicopters and looking like a Ralph Lauren ad was reserved for Kalon. Sean and Emily’s chat was slightly intense, he saw his last girlfriend as a “buddy.” I really like Sean, but I can understand how Emily has a fear about him being selective. If he was with a girl for three years, and they were just buddies, he could ultimately decide Emily isn’t for him. 

This scene made me regret eating dinner.
Photo Source: ABC
There is a bag with snorkeling gear, I started eating dinner about this time, and I completely regretted it. How could two people look so perfect? At dinner, Sean reads Emily the sweetest letter about Ricki, which seemed to confirm him as a finalist. Their conversations on-camera were really great. Sean tells her he can’t see his life without her, and I was saying, “Oh boy you might have to.” When Sean says he is in love with her, Emily IS so happy, but she replies with, “thank you.” There are a thousand things you want to hear when telling someone you love them, thank you isn’t one of them. Emily offers the fantasy suite card to Sean and he accepts. I feel she really needed to know more about him and their connection. I love Emily’s dress and Sean’s outfit, when Sperry Top-Sider was created, Sean was in mind. He has such a classic look and style. They start kissing in the pool, and the body language was key here. When Emily is really, really into a guy, she pulls him close to her. She said, she knows how she feels about him, and Sean said, “I know I am going to marry that girl.” My heart broke, because he has a 1/3 chance, nothing is for sure. Jef: Emily is rocking the Michelle Money braid, I was really hoping she would be there to meet the final three guys. Jef and Emily go on a sailboat, I feared for him a little when I saw the dinghy boat. 
Jef’s siblings told their parents about Emily, and eased their skeptical minds. They want to meet Emily, and Jef says they could do that after this. This moment was really bad for the rest of the guys. When Emily asked about meeting her parents, Jef replied, he loves parents. Emily said, “I am a parent, do you like hanging out with me?” How sweet, then Jef asked if he would be a good parent?

They are so cute.
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I love that Emily rocked the braid and bun in front of Jef. They seem so genuinely happy together, and the apartment consensus was Team Jef, but of course I am neutral. During their dinner, Justin started talking about something, and I thought was going to have to go “West Virginia, backwoods.” Emily is extremely into him, because she says she is willing to move wherever to be with him. Her response about moving to SLC was rational, in the fact she has never been there. When Emily pictures who could fit into her life, she sees Jef, which is beyond major. She gives him the Fantasy Suite card. I have very mixed feelings about this, because I really respect that he wants to be a gentleman, but I feel if Emily wouldn’t have wanted to, she would have kept the card. It was so cute when he said, they would spend each night in their own fantasy suite. Bless Emily’s heart, she wanted to turn Jef down, but he beat her to it. I’m glad they got a chance to hang out post-dinner. Arie: It is no lie, that I have some super TV like for Arie. They are just so beautiful together, and their kisses are amazing. There are dolphins in the ocean to swim with, and boy did I love Arie’s dolphin lesson. Besides scaling the wall, this is the closest to a fear date. Arie has a lot of favorite times with Emily, including mine, where he put her against the wall. She loves kissing him, because it “is that good.” This really makes me wonder how she is going to go the rest of her life without kissing Arie? Did I mention how much I love the Chris Bachelor Pad promo? Bravo producers, that is hysterical. Emily asks Arie what she does on a Tuesday morning, he gets up at nine, and she is up way before 6:30. I bet Emily is the mom who makes an insanely good breakfast every morning. I really think Emily is worried about how she will fit into Arie’s life. 

"Stupid hot."
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It is serious question time, where will they live? It is a true testament to their relationship, that Emily is willing to move to Scottsdale, AZ. The way Emily talks about wanting a father-figure for Ricki is so emotional. I like how Arie explained he would be her “buddy” then go on to fill the role. Kids need to get to know people slow, not completely bombarded by a new person. Emily tells Arie, he has made all of this easier, she was “done” after their date and how he is the light at the end of the tunnel. These were important meaningful things to say. She doesn’t give him the Fantasy Suite card, because she can’t trust herself. Who could blame her? She cries when talking about Arie, and if she went to the Fantasy Suite with him, the rest of the relationships would be over. Wow I didn’t even know what to think about this, either she is insanely in love with both of him or this editing is perfection. Recap with Chris Harrison: Emily looks like a princess, I fully believe she is one Prince Charming away from becoming a Disney Princess. She had to wear sequins, since the lack of Chris and his Toddlers and Tiara’s behaviorisms. She is falling in love with all three of them in different ways. Chris Harrison talks about how this is the last rose ceremony, and Emily looks a little in shock. These guys are quite possibly the best final three ever. She could easily be with any of them. She should just create a new reality show, “Brother Husbands” and pick them all. I want to know why Sister Wives is so much more catchy. Videos: Oh how I love the videos, it gives each person a last ditch effort to save their fate. Sean is up first which isn’t good, if I remember right, Ashley Hebert was the first to arrive at the final three rose ceremony. His video was sweet, and Emily has her thinking face on. Jef is next, I am a fan of his outfit. His video was poetic. He drops the lines, guard and protect her, I just hope he doesn’t get a tattoo about it. The way Arie looks at her, even through a TV screen is so passionate. He looks at her like she is the only person in the world, and truly loves her. Rose Ceremony: Emily appears so torn and I really just want to give her a hug. It would be difficult to send one of these guys home. The way Emily worries if she is sending the wrong person home, leads to Sean, because he is perfect on paper. Their relationship is just different from with the other two. 

Emily needed a hug.
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Roses go to Jef and Arie.
Sean is in such shock, he absolutely did not see this coming. They probably had the best connection a lead has had with the third place contestant. Sean feels stupid, did anyone else see his muscles popping out of that shirt. You know someone is an incredible guy, when he consoles the girl sending him home. She wanted it to be him so bad. I don’t think I have ever admired someone’s departure this much. He truly loves her and wants what is best with her. I thought I was going to cry, when he said, he knew she was going to be his wife. Don’t worry Seanie, there are a million girls lined up around the blocking waiting on you. Way to keep it cool, I hope he is line for the next Bachelor. Gerber had to be disappointed, when there will be no Semily babies. At this point I was hoping Jef and Arie didn’t run away together and live out their bromance. I hope Ricki doesn’t watch these one day, and say, “I wish I would have had Kensington’s Cottage.” I loved Arie's bloopers. What are your thoughts on the episode? Who do you think is best for Emily? Either way I feel she can't go wrong. Xo, Ashley

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