Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Bachelor Pad 3 Episode 2: Twinpocalypse Comes to an End

     The elimination concluded, Erica Rose is safe, while David is in "save face mode." Outside there is a twinfit going on, poor Rachel was trying to get them to reconcile. I'm with Jaclyn, "I don't know who is who."

"Every guy's fantasy is twins, but I don't think they have met these twins yet." Lindzi

"God they are dumb." Jaclyn

Then all of a sudden, they stopped fighting, hugged and moved on.

Challenge: Rhythmic Gymnastics 
     Ed knocks his head on the ground while attempting a back roll. None of the guys are too great at the reindeer prance. David is taking this extremely serious. I was proud no one hit on the gymnast. 
I love how Erica is wearing a dress. This ribbon situation looks rough, I know I couldn’t do it. 

Jamie showing her skills.
Photo Source: ABC

     If the challenge was not bad enough there are leotards for the women and men. The gymnastics make up was dramatic, Rachel was totally rocking the red lip though. Reid says his “manhood is at stake here,” he clearly blocked out the moment he went back and proposed to Jillian. Now that was hard to watch. Erica and Ed were the worst, while Michael and Blakeley were the best.   

The guys practicing for the challenge.
Photo Source: ABC 
This is how you win a challenge.
Photo Source: ABC

Date: Michael
     Donna was on a high, because she is obsessed with Michael. They dance and she is on cloud nine. Then Rachel steals Michael away, I was happy because I love Rachel. Lindzi and Rachel’s outfits were my favorite part about the date, up until seeing Michael and Rachel having a connection. 
     Michael has alone time with the girls, Donna pulls out a sketchbook, I am sure a producer bought at the Office Depot sale. For what it is worth, the sketch was really good, but since when has artwork got anyone a rose ever? Plus Donna got Rachel’s sloppy seconds in the same hour.

Donna looking for Michael's tonsils.
Photo Source: ABC

     Donna says she will die if Michael gives her the rose, maybe this is why he didn’t give it to her. I was worried about it being a wasted rose, but he gave it to Rachel. 
Back at the ranch: 
     Chris makes up with Jamie, then goes and sweet talks Blakeley. He is well on his way to passing Kalon on the villain scale. Chris is willing to sell himself, I bet he would do anything for a Klondike bar. 
     Jamie sees Chris with Blakeley under her bed, and is heartbroken. I feel bad, but then again she passed up a virgin and Twizzlers. She should have left the room, found him and got “fancy.” 
     Blakeley talks to Chris about bringing David on the date, he says no, but Blakeley is in charge. She invites Chris, he says “I’d love to come.” I bet he would. Also Ed and Dave were selected to be on the date. David was thrilled and almost cried. I thought this was sweet of Blakeley to get him out of the house.
Date: Blakeley
     Chris makes his car Bliss, Blakeley and Chris. Ed creates a design, “In a pickle,” whic is my favorite, and David had a rose car. Leave it to Chris to be angry while on a date with his partner. He might kill someone if he David gets the rose, he has anger issues. We don’t want a Toddlers and Tiaras fit on this date. 
     David offers his vote to whatever Blakeley wants. Chris does not know how much patience he has, well not enough to go through an entire rose ceremony. If Chris does not get the rose, his strategy will go down the toilet, with his integrity. 
Back at the ranch: 
     Ed and Sarah hook up and he makes the weirdest noises to ever be on this show. The looks everyone had on their face were priceless. After Sarah and Ed were finished, Ed did the patriotic thing and said, “God Bless America.”

Ed's noises get this reaction.
Photo Source: ABC

     The twins plead their case to Tony and Nick. They were bragging about how they hadn’t even had a fight, up until they started fighting. The contestants wanted to go to sleep during the twinpocalypse. I feel the twinfit on way too long. 
     They decided to go home, and Twin 1 was upset and said goodbye to David. She was so devastated and David didn’t even wake up to say bye. Lindzi asked which one was that, and he said he didn’t know. The twins finally get in the van, and all I can think of is that poor soul of a driver. Later we will see the sequel to this episode, “Driver On a Ledge.” 
Cocktail Party: 
     All of the girls are safe because of the twin departure. Ed and Chris decided the group should send Ryan home, and keep David. Strategically, this is smart, because it will be easier to send David home later. Sarah confesses she voted for Ed, even though she hooked up with him last night. 

It doesn't look like alcohol can make this cocktail party better.
Photo Source: ABC

     Jamie voted her own partner off, those black gloves have no shame. That has to be the most action the virgin has ever received. I hope he finds love with a good girl somewhere.
What did you all think of the episode? Who should have went home?

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