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The Bachelor Pad Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Prom, Wax and Captain Protein Shake

     We start off with a very sad Ed, and Jaclyn reassuring him to stay. Ed doesn’t know why people wanted to vote him out, and definitely didn’t know Reid was the ringleader. Jaclyn convinces him to stay, I would have convinced him to get drunk.


Ed talks about being athletic, everyone has a partner, but are told to step to their left. This causes Erica and Kalon to be partners, talk about good planning producers.

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     Jamie is superwoman and goes through the obstacle course the fastest. Ed ruins their lead in a hot minute. It comes down to David and Michael. Chris Harrison says it is down to a nose, was Chris insulting David’s nose? Is Michael superhuman, how does he win or almost win everything? 

Washing off the shame.
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Rachel and David win, which sets up interesting date possibilities. 

Date: Prom Time With David

Blakeley: Of course, because she stuck out her neck for him. I think she deserved the date, the rose was up to him.

Erica: Duh, why wouldn’t anyone take Erica on a date? She is hysterical and powerful. 

Jamie: He picks her because he might end up liking her, talk about interesting. 

Chris doesn’t understand why David would take Blakeley and Jamie, because they don’t like each other, I wonder why, Chris? 

     The theme is prom, and I find it astonishing that Jamie has never been to prom. She always looks like prom. We learn it is difficult for Blakeley to hide not liking people, this reassures me, because she acts like she likes me. 

     Blakeley doesn’t want to fight over a guy, but obviously she and Jamie aren’t going to be cool. They all are excited to see this country singer, I haven't heard of, but BachelorNation must love country. 

Prom Date
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     Jamie talks about her rough life. I feel bad, but wonder why she talks about this at an opportune time. He did tell Blakeley he would vote her way in the future, and he didn’t. He gave Jamie the rose, and gets placed on Blakeley’s diarreha list. I don’t know what it is, but I’m glad I’m not on it. 

     Erica talks about how she think David and Jamie would be a cute couple, look like they are in love. This makes me love Erica even more, because Blakeley couldn’t have thought anymore differently. 

Back at the ranch:

     Reid blatantly lies to Ed, and I felt terrible watching this. As much as Ed is entertaining and funny, I felt he really believed Reid, and thought he had his back. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or cover my eyes. 

     Everyone is in their swimsuits, drunk and something is about to go down. Ed gives Jaclyn a piggyback ride out of the water and they go to his bed. We hear sound effects, which may or may not be real. I personally hope they are, because it makes me laugh. If there is ever a Bachelor soundtrack, I hope this is the first single. 

Date: Wax Museum With Rachel

Chris Harrison seriously looks like a wax figure, then he moves. I would have had a heart attack. 

     The cast acts like wax figures, I’m beyond impressed. I felt terrible when they called Tony pathetic, but why did he call Nick, Captain Protein Shake? 

     Michael got the rose obviously, they are clearly into each other. They have a heart-to-heart, which is really cute. It sucks they have both been burned in the past. He talks about how he kissed Donna, and there was no fuzzies, I love the fact he said fuzzies. I hope no one gets their heartbroken in this situation, but this is The Bachelor Pad. 

Epic Fail:

     Chris and Blakeley strategize, and Jamie thinks Chris is into her. After he goes to bed, she goes and talks to him. She wants to fall in love, there are a lot of guys there, and you want to fall in love with Chris? There is no way that will pan out. Jamie you had a virgin in love with you, why? 

Drama: The Fall of Reid-Ed 

Ed and Reid feud gets worse.
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     Sarah goes and tells Ed about Reid trying to send him home. This is so bad in a lot of ways, strategically for Sarah, friendship wise for Reid and Ed. I was confused Sarah has an alliance with Reid, but goes and tells Ed, who she had already told she tried to vote him off. This is beyond awkward. 

     Reid denies he is trying to get Ed kicked off, even though he tried to convince Jaclyn to be his partner. Jaclyn is super loyal, and she convinced Ed to stay, why would she ditch him now? This was Reid’s biggest misstep. I knew as soon as he had Jaclyn on his bad side, he was out. 

Cocktail Party:

     Chris Harrison shows up, talks about betrayal. Ed feels like he let everyone down, including his partner. He sure didn’t let the audience down.

     Donna does not want to leave the house without hooking up with someone. What? She went on to say something about getting action. She thinks she might be going home, so what does she do? Go make out with Nick, this is the first we see of him, and the last moment of Donna’s tongue for a while. 

Rose Ceremony:

     Rachel and David gave out the roses. It comes down to Ed and Reid, Blakeley and Donna. The funniest part about all of this is Kalon determines who goes home. Kalon is nothing short of entertaining, but I find it fascinating to see who he picks to go home. He votes out Donna, and the girls vote Reid. 

     After this concludes, Jaclyn gives a speech, about loyalty and playing the game right. Talk about a perfect goodbye for Reid’s departure.

What did you all think of the episode? Who is your favorite player/couple? 


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