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The Bachelor Pad Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Love Square Don't Care

     Dave is the last fan standing. Drunk Ed and Jaclyn have a chat post-ceremony, and they were hysterical. They said, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Reid.” Then Jaclyn goes on to do a “On a scale of one to 10” joke, my favorite. 

     Jamie and Dave talk about how screwed they are, now that Donna and Reid are gone. She is partnerless, has she been ever since the virgin got canned? 

     Chris Harrison shows up, at some odd hour at night. A guy who looks like the person who kicked Roslyn out during Jake’s season brings in a survey. When it comes down to questions like these, blood will be shed and friends will be lost. 

Challenge: Bachelor Pad Game Show 

     The first was trivia about love. It comes down to Sarah and Jaclyn after the first round. Chris cheered for Sarah the entire time, which made Blakeley mad. 

Bachelor Pad Game Show.
Photo Source: ABC

     Everyone seems to forget that Michael was on the same season as Ed. Michael has just stayed more relevant in BachelorNation, because of his friendships and Bachelor Pad 2. 

     Jaclyn won for the girls, then Jamie gives her a hug. This is interesting later on when Jamie says Jaclyn is the most fake person in the house. 

They aren't happy for long.
Photo Source: ABC

     The guys play “who said that?” Why didn’t they have the trivia? Producers wanted some drama in the house. I don’t blame Blakeley for not telling how many people 

     “Who said they would rather sleep with Chris over their partner?” Jamie, but I thought she didn’t have a partner. 

     Jamie really wanted Jaclyn to be the person who thought she was the most annoying, so she could justify her answer. Of course, it wasn’t Jaclyn, it was Blakeley. Come on, that is an easy one. 

     Ed won the challenge out of the guys. Each part of the power couple won, which makes things extremely interesting. Tony says, Jamie has some explaining to do. The girl is toast. 

Drama begins:

     “I would much rather be the guy to soothe her soul for five more minutes before she is f***ing executed.” Kalon

     As much as Kalon is a tool, the guy has a way with words. I cannot imagine why anyone wouldn’t want him on this show. He was born for Bachelor Pad.  He didn’t stop there though.

     “When you put a dog down you set there and pet its head.” Kalon

     I honestly have no idea of what to think about Chris. The dude has mad game, but there is no way he can play all three people, without consequences. 

One-on-one Date: Ed and Jaclyn

     Ed and Jaclyn play baseball and sing the national anthem. I really like watching them hang out. They are both extremely entertaining, and get along really well. How insane are Ed’s legs? How long does he run a day? How has he not been dominating the challenges?

Jaclyn and Ed baseball date.
Photo Source: ABC

     They come back all dressed up. Jaclyn’s wardrobe is killer, the girl knows fashion and how to play the game. Not only do they get roses, they get to choose who gets to go on the date. 

     Oh the irony, Ed lost two challenges and then he gets complete control. Ed loves him some Chris, I bet their bromance is going strong in Chicago. Ed trusts Chris, but he may be the only one, besides Jamie. 

Showing off athletic ability.
Photo Source: ABC
     Ed and Jaclyn get spotted by the kiss cam, they kiss and them boom, fireworks. This was a really good date, and I am happy for both of them. Like Jaclyn said, “I’m not going to pull a Jamie.” 

Back at the ranch

     Sarah was hoping Jaclyn take a guy on a date. Shut the front door, Ed is not a guy? I never knew this, but seriously come on Sarah. 

     Blakeley has a breakdown to Rachel. She is crisis control, always, when has she not been able to help people. She was the only one brave enough to take on the twinpocalypse. 

     Chris is annoyed by Blakeley, but I am annoyed by him. If he doesn’t want Blakeley, drop her as a partner and move on. She isn’t acting this way because she likes Chris, she just wants him to stop being shady. Unlike him, she actually has her head in the game. 

     Ah drunk Jamie wants Chris, and all of the alcohol in the world will not heal what is about to go down. Half of Jamie wants Chris, it is clear that it is her bottom half. Jamie wants to talk about what he thinks of her. 

     Chris is making sure all of the girls on his side, but somehow they are ending up on top. It is terribly sad, because Jamie thinks he is loyal to her and likes her. 

     Ed and Jaclyn decide on Chris to get the rose. Blakeley looks happy, Jamie is borderline thrilled and Chris drops a Bachelor Pad bomb. He asks Sarah on the date, and her face was priceless. I would run for my life and sleep with my eyes open, if I was her. 

     Blakeley asks, “Are we going in here?” He said, “Are we talking or something?” Oh they are not partners or anything. Chris needs to stop messing with her, that is where he gets in trouble. 

     Jamie goes and hugs Chris, and feels bad for him. SERIOUSLY? He made her believe he didn’t have a choice, he was in control. She sees this as him protecting her, and is loyal. I bet he has got a lot of girls in his life, which makes me wonder what happened to teary eyed Bachelorette Chris? 

One-on-one date: Chris and Sarah

     The driver tells them to buckle up, something is about to happen. They end up in a parking garage, I called it on Twitter. It is an action date, Sarah does her roundhouse kick and jacks him in the face. This was the best part of the date. I was happy she wore underwear, that would have been awkward.

Look how awkward his hands are.
Photo Source: ABC
     During the staring contest, Sarah tries to kiss him, but Chris isn’t up for it. What is his problem? They get all dressed up and at the end they kiss. The guy says they could be stunt doubles, but don’t they always?

He isn't thinking about Blakeley and Jamie.
Photo Source: ABC
     Chris tells her he has respect for her. Does he know what that is, because I sure lost all I had for him this season. The makeshift rose was a cute touch though. They makeout in the pool, with alcohol, and Chris says the last thing he is thinking about is Blakeley and Jamie, yet he is talking about them. 

The date ends in getting a room, bad move Chris, bad move. 

Back at the ranch:

     Chris shows up, ABC is getting their moneys worth of him this week. Ed gets the opportunity to give out the road, which is a turn of events. Ed gave the rose to Rachel, this made me happy because I love her. I guess she cooks all of his food. If Rachel went home, I’m pretty sure the Bachelor Mansion would burn down. She keeps everything together.

     Blakeley tells Jamie she got played and doesn’t want him as a partner anymore. The average person would think this would set a lightbulb off in Jamie’s head, but she is excited about it. She has a minor freakout, all of the guys are trying to reassure her, meanwhile he and Sarah get a room. Jamie talks about Chris like he is her husband, with her judge of character, she and a husband will be on Dr. Phil in a few years. 

     The walk of shame, they show up the next morning, and it is so awkward! Everyone doesn’t know what to say. Jamie said, “How does he go to sleep with a peaceful mind?” by Sarah of course.

Cocktail Party:

     Chris Harrison shows up for the rose ceremony, and asks Sarah what happened this week? Like we are supposed to believe Chris has not been watching this unfold. Dave has one vote against him, Rachel is safe, along with Chris and Ed. Jaclyn tells Dave she would save him over Nick. 

     Dave played the game well, which is why he was the last fan stand. Chris wants to vote out Blakeley, and go against the alliance. Kalon has stayed neutral, and tells people what they want to hear. I find it hilarious the most controversial person on The Bachelorette is neutral on the show. Also the whole Jaclyn and Blakeley frenemy situation was blown up, because she was trying to save her. 

     Chris and Ed talk and figure out Kalon is lying to one of them. Kalon ends up talking his way out of it, Chris trusts him the most. This show has gotten more dramatic than ever. 

Rose Ceremony: 

     It comes down to Blakeley and Jamie, Nick and Dave. Nick and Blakeley are safe, Chris looks like he is going to throw a Toddlers and Tiaras fit. Jamie goes off on Chris, what a perfect departure. That was redemption in my mind, in every sense of the word. 

     Dave grew on me by the time of him going home. He was making me sad. He said, he watched hundreds of people go home in that limo, the same limo? ABC is getting really cheap then, reusing limos. It sucks it took Jamie the limo ride to find out she was played. 

     I’m glad Blakeley moved on to Tony. He is a much better partner for her, Tony will keep his Pieper in his pants. 

     Next week looks crazy! I really like Lindzi and Kalon together. I wonder what is going to happen to shake things up. Thoughts on this episode? Favorites on the show so far?


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