Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bachelor Pad Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Erica Rose Tiara Takedown

I wrote a recap earlier and lost it, so hear is the condensed version. 

Top 10 Moments of Bachelor Pad: 1. Erica Rose’s exit, which was insane.

First of all, I would never mess with that girl, thankfully Erica likes me. She may have went a little far with the Holly comments, but “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

She and Michael were really good friends, how could he try to send her home? Erica’s exit was epic, I wish more people would leave like that, take the whole house down with them. I wouldn’t expect anything less from her, I will miss her one-liners. 2. Kalon and Lindzi’s date.

Look at those kisses, get it Lindzi.
Photo Source: ABC
If you are a devoted reader, you know how much I roasted him in my blog. The guy wrote the jokes for me, I was thrilled when I found out he would be on this show. He was born for Bachelor Pad, if everyone has a purpose this was his. I really like his and Lindzi’s date, I felt it was very Kalon. Lindzi brings out a whole different side in him, that is interesting to watch. Holy wow, when he dropped the love word, I thought I might die. Making out on a Bentley? That is the Bachelor Pad I know and love. Plus they shut down a bridge, the producers keep on impressing me. 

3. Chris totally changing up the game

Sometimes I questioned Chris’ ability to keep his head in the game, not that one. He gets emotional and distracted easily, but he had a stroke of genius last night. Michael tried to peg Erica going home on him, so what did he do? He took her in the room with him, completely and totally sealing Michael’s fate. Chris had to feel good seeing drama storm, that he wasn’t in the middle of. It is impressive what he can do when he keeps it in his pants.
This is like Toddlers and Tiaras. Come here Honey Boo Boo.
Photo Source: ABC
4. Chris vs. Ed and vs. Kalon. Wow, he is mad at both of them, when they were going on with the alliance. Yeah Kalon lied, but when does he not? He is playing the game, and told the truth to Chris at one point or another. They were just sticking to the plan. 5. The challenge looked simple, but was quite the opposite. 

The best part is, we learn Blakeley worked at Hooters for 13 years. Was that where the VIP cocktail waitress came from?Tony winning, after Blakeley hovering, made the episode that much more entertaining.

Who will get Blakeley's rose and become under her spell?
Photo Source: ABC
6. Trailer Date

We have seen a lot of dates on this show. Helicopters, exotic trips and expensive cars are usually present, but not this time. Blakeley gave up a date of luxury for the overnight date. What did she get? A jeep, a trailer and music from Wes.
As if the producers needed to add anymore humor to this episode. On another note, she and Tony are really cute together. I like how well they get along. 

7. Sarah touching the China. 

She seems like an awesome girl, but she clearly touched the China which sucks. It is just a normal reaction to something falling. This was so crucial to Chris and her partnership, somehow they managed to stay safe. 8. Michael and Rachel’s one-on-one moment. 

They are a really good couple, and compliment each other well. Both have endured heartbreak, and understand each other. I really thought he was going to play the guitar. Rachel threw a blanket over the camera, get it girl. 9. The whole couple talk, Chris Harrison initiated.

This was a top moment because of drama factor, but I hated it. I love Jac, and was sad for her, when Ed didn’t stick up for their relationship. They had a fun date and have been beyond loyal to each other. I think she was more upset with his outfit, than what he said, to be honest. 10. Michael’s departure

Besides the whole Erica thing, Rachel was crying and wanted to leave. Everyone is shocked, because Michael was the ringleader for the show. Chris Harrison is still awkwardly standing there, ABC totally got their money’s worth out of him there. They had to do something to get him off of the show or he would win again.
I’ll have a longer recap next week. What were your top moments of the episode? Are you Team Erica or Team Michael? Who is your favorite couple?


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