Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bachelor Pad Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Spell Well To Save Yourself

     The Bachelor Pad picks up where the Erica Rose empire has fallen. Rachel is upset, and everyone is in shock. Chris Harrison shows up and tells the couples to partner up, because they are playing as one now. They will be voting the same way, and voted out together. Pretty much they are like the twins, without the splitting headache.


     The contestants get on a school bus. What do Chris and the school bus have in common? They all get a ride.

     They arrive at Bachelor Pad Spelling Bee, where each couple talks about how bad they are at spelling. This isn't a regular spelling bee though, the couples have to alternate each letter. That would get really confusing if you forgot which letter you were on, or weren't paying attention, like me who while live-tweeting wrote the wrong their.

Their outfits make me very happy.
Photo Source: ABC
     The judges are Harry Potter lookalikes, and Kalon said, "Are they from Hogwarts?"

     Blakeley and Tony are out, followed by Lindzi and Kalon, and Rachel and Nick. It comes down to Jaclyn and Ed against Sarah and Chris. The words get a lot more difficult, and that little bell ringer is crazy. I'm surprised Jaclyn didn't call him "dumpster trash."

     Sarah and Chris win getting roses and a one-on-one date. Jaclyn and Ed, the runner-ups got an overnight date.


Sarah blends in to the background.
Photo Source: ABC
     Sarah and Chris get on a train, where are they going, Hogwarts? They end up going to this secluded area, what is up with all of the rustic dates on here? They jump in a pond, then go have dinner in a barn. Justin said to me, "I've always wanted to mack in a barn."

     I like Sarah and Chris together, he actually looks happy, as much as I prefer him pouty. He talks about his relationship with Emily, and how he may or may not be over her. Speaking of Emily, am I imagining this or did she have a date in a barn once?

Back at the ranch: 

     Rachel wants to go home, because of Michael. Jaclyn and Blakeley convince her to stay. Kalon and Lindzi are off in their own little world cuddling. I'm glad Rachel decided to stay, because what if she would have left and Michael didn't want to be with her?


     Jaclyn and Ed pop bottles in the limo, then get in a private plane, and go to a field. There is still some awkward feelings left over from the couple talk, last cocktail party. Then Ed goes on to tell Jaclyn he has someone at home, he is single, because they decided to break up for the show. Woah? Hey Ed, that would have been nice information to know, five episodes ago.

I love their reactions to the little geniuses.
Photo Source: ABC
     It is time for dinner, and those candles are not the only thing on fire. Ed doesn't think they are a couple, and Jaclyn doesn't want to look like she is getting used. The things he says are supposed to be reassuring, but it just doesn't really help. They end up spending the night together, but I just hope Jaclyn doesn't get hurt, because she is an awesome girl.

Back at the ranch:

     Blakeley and Tony have a one-on-one moment at the mansion, with a blanket. He seems to be a great fit for her, their personalities mesh well. They definitely seem like a couple that could have a strong relationship outside of this.

     The next day, Jaclyn and Ed show up with roses but they aren't for them. They have to choose a couple  to keep, and for their alliance, they saved Blakeley and Tony.

Cocktail Party: 

     Lindzi and Kalon go into save mode. Their conversation with Blakeley and Tony is a little awkward, but it seems as if they are almost convinced to vote for Rachel and Nick. The situation gets bad, when they tell Nick they aren't sure what they are going to do, but Rachel thought it was for Lindzi and Kalon, hands down.

     Rachel calls Michael for reassurance. I really hope at the end of all of this, he doesn't make her look silly. Since when are phones allowed in Bachelor Pad?

Rose Ceremony:

Sarah and Chris (safe)
Blakeley and Tony (safe)
Jaclyn and Ed
Rachel and Nick

     I was a major fan of Lindzi's outfits this episode. Check out possessionista.com to find all things Bachelor fashion.

     The preview for next week looks insane! Who do you think will go home next week? What are your thoughts on this episode?


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  1. I think it will be Rachel and Nick leaving the house. This episode was not the best one, but it definitely looks like there are some relationships finally forming from the show. I watched this episode this morning on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It will automatically skip over the commercials for me, so it gives me time to get ready before I have to head into work at Dish. I don’t think Ed and Jaclyn will go home this round, but I do hope Jaclyn is careful with him and doesn’t get hurt.