Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bachelor 17: Contestants

The time we have all been waiting for, the contestants, dun dun dun. Starting January, these girls will be crying, screaming and making friends in front of our eyes.


She is gorgeous, I love her natural makeup and hair. This makes her seem laid back and that she isn't afraid to let her hair down, or in Bachelor world, let her hair blow in the wind of the helicopter.


I like her bright prink and curls. She looks very professional.


I'm jealous of her flawless tan, she is blonde, blue-eyed and tan. Talk about a match made in the gene pool.


She has a heart necklace on which is a good start with Sean. Her smile is gorgeous. I bet she is friendly and makes a memorable first impression.


I envy her defined cheekbones and eyebrows. Her face is stunning, is she a makeup artist?


I am interested in her hair, that requires a lot of upkeep. Is she a hairstylist? I know I am career guessing.


I feel like she is a Southern Belle, I could be completely wrong, maybe it is just the curls. I already want to do a beauty interview with her. She kind of reminds me of Courtney Kerr from Most Eligible Dallas.


Pretty, I bet she has a chill easygoing personality, similar to Rachel. I bet Diana would be up for climbing in Kensington's Cottage. 


Emily Maynard look-a-like, let's give him someone he will be caught up on, because she reminds him of "someone else". Needless to say she is gorgeous, and I hope her shoe collection is killer.


She is totally rocking the carefree attitude, I like her hair and outfit.


If Alexis Bellino and the new Real Housewives of Miami member, Lisa had a baby she would look like this. I'm getting a fitness vibe from her.


Elyse and Jamie got in a human generator and Kristy is the result. Her features are strong, I bet she will get at least one really amazing date.


Somewhere along the way she was lost as a Disney Princess and her parent's forgot her c.


I get a Southern feel from her, maybe she meant to audition for ABC's show, Nashville instead.


She is cute, I'm jealous of her perfectly straight hair, I bet she is sassy.


She reminds me of Michelle Money, beautiful and hopefully she brings attitude. 

Ashley H.

This girl is bringing the sass, is she a pageant queen? If not she should be one. 


A different color would be much more suited for her. This light pink washes her out. Her teeth are perfect.


Wearing a red flannel and a blue necklace. This girl is not afraid to stand out, I bet she goes big for the first impression. 


She looks like Sean's typical type, I wonder if she will live up to it. She picked a great accessory and color of shirt.


I wish she would have left the white tank out of the outfit, it is a little distracting.


Rocking the bangs, unfortunately this is following the best bangs ever (Rachel's).


Her hair is perfect, it is really hard to rock the middle part. She is extremely pretty, also a good shirt color choice.


Pretty, seems laid back, I bet Sean will really like her. 

What do you all think of Sean's women? Have an early favorite?



  1. I'm just freaking out that Sean is the Bachelor!!

  2. Based on photos alone, my top 3 are Selma, Desiree and Lindsay. Can't wait to see if their personalities match their exterior :)