Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bachelor 17: Sean Lowe

Bachelor 17: Sean Lowe
Photo Source: ABC

     From the beginning of Emily's season Sean was a fan favorite, whether if it was his blonde hair, golden tan, muscles or his values.

     Some say Sean is boring, but the same was said about Emily, Ashley and Jason. The main things we know about him, he is fit, can break logs and has a niece with a fabulous playhouse. I joked he should get the gig solely because of Kensington's Cottage.

     In all seriousness he is a great guy. To me it seemed like he was getting prepped to be the lead. The lead cannot be controversial to the point where people won't watch. Even if Sean wasn't people's favorite, the worst they can say is he is boring, which is TV gold. If the show gets to boring, there will be a crazy.

     I cannot wait to see Sean knock out athleticism, scream and run around for girls. He has a great family and is a genuinely good guy. I hope he finds a good girl, and Gerber gets a second shot at a baby model.

     For the record I will miss Arie's face and kisses. Are you all happy or disappointed about the choice? I thought it was a little underwhelming the way it was announce, and wish it would have been announced on The Bachelor Pad finale.


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  1. I am so excited that Sean is the new Bachelor. I have to agree though, it was very underwhelming how they announced it. I wouldn't have known if an article about it didn't appear on my Facebook feed. It would have been nice for them to announce it on the BPad finale.