Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Bachelor Pad 3 Finale: Hide your bangs, hide your friends, hide your heart, because Michael is being "devilish" up in here.

In true Bachelor fashion, we reflect on the whole process. The show looks back at the four couples: 

Rachel and Michael: 
     Talk about a relationship that went from bad to worse, in a hurry. He didn’t want to have a “long distance relationship” but, is in one with another girl. She was mislead, he should have said, “Look I’m not looking to get serious or to find a relationship.” If he would have said that though, people would have questioned why he was there.

Lindzi and Kalon: 
     They talk about their relationship, and that they are “still going.” I really like this couple, but Lindzi’s face told a lot during all of it. Kalon looked much happier watching the show back. 

Jaclyn and Ed: 
     This situation was never addressed, but obviously they are friends and fine, it’s just how they are. No drama, they have when they are together, and when they aren’t it is whatever. 

Blakeley and Tony: 
     These two are absolutely adorable. They balance each other, and I love the fact Tony said he was “creeping” on her. Bless his heart, he got friendzoned a few times, but kept on going. There is an announcement, they are moving in together. Woo Blakeley gets cable, but that isn’t all. 

     Tony starts a speech, Blakeley looks around, like this was a hidden camera show or something. He got down on one knee and she said, “Are you fu***** kidding me?” What a response, and a ring. I hope we get a Bachelor wedding of these two, and maybe I’ll get my first Bachelornation wedding invite, fingers crossed. 

Erica Rose:
     First of all her hair looked amazing! It is understandable how mad she was, she and Michael were such good friends in “real life.” Maybe she went a little too far, but come on, Erica Rose is not hilarious, because she is subtle. 

Chris, Sarah and bedazzled Jamie:
     Chris’ family was not pleased with his actions on the show. To me he was playing a character, an entertaining one at that. He said he was sorry, if I was Jamie I would have accepted it, to keep my pride. The head dress must have been messing with her. 

I'm too bedazzled to care.
Photo Source: ABC
     In the beginning, it appeared he came on the show to find love. He got his heartbroken last time, but already won the money. At the finale, his tune changed, he was there to have fun. If that would have been disclosed ahead of time Rachel probably wouldn’t have fell for him.

     She looked major, I absolutely loved her dress. It was terrible to watch their friendship play out like that. She kept her around the entire time just to be sent home by a guy, who we didn’t even see until the third episode. 

     Jamie was not the best at expressing herself without a sharpie, but not Jac, the girl has the best one-liners in the book. Two of the funniest things Jaclyn said all night to Jamie were:

“I didn’t know how you felt about me until you wrote it down on a piece of paper.” 

“You are very socially awkward.” 

My reaction exactly.
Photo Source: ABC

Voting Time: 

Erica, Dave and Kalon were the only one’s who voted for Chris and Sarah. 

Nick and Rachel won, but not so fast, will they share or keep? 

Take the money and run:

Nick really looks like he spent the whole day kicking kittens. Seriously he looked sick. Rachel talks about how Nick is a good partner, and how you cannot win without a partner, so she shared. 
Then things get serious, Nick goes on a huge rant. Rachel looks worried, as she should have been. No one has ever talked that long in the seat. He spoke about how he did this all on his own, and how Rachel wanted to leave.

This doesn't look like a happy couple to me.
Photo Source: ABC
My thoughts: Who is this audience, and when did Nick get so many fans? Are these all single girls who want him or something? I totally get this is a game, it really sucks Rachel found and lost love in one season, then had the prize snatched out of her hands.
Very understandable reaction.
Photo Source: ABC

Personally, I would have split the money. I believe in integrity, and wouldn’t want to do that to anyone. She got the votes because of her friends, so it is impossible to say he did it totally on his own. Nick has reasons to take the money, the game changed when he sent Jaclyn and Ed home. What I don’t understand is why he went about it the way he did. He was so egotistical about the whole situation. Go out there say you went there to play the game, and need the money. Don’t make it about how Rachel did this, and that. Act civil, him laughing and other actions, made it seem like he got joy out of crushing someone. There were a million ways to handle the situation better. I’m trying to look at is as unbiased as possible, because as most of you know, I interviewed Rachel and she is a really great girl. 
The biggest issue I had with all of this was, if Nick was just playing the game then a lot of things don’t add up. Even though Chris broke some hearts, he was just playing the game. Kalon lied all of the time, but he was just playing the game. Erica Rose taking Michael out, was just playing the game. If anyone who has ever been claimed a “villain” pulled that, they would be crucified. The most entertaining part of the night, was Lindsay Lohan tweeting about how karma and greed will come back to him. If anyone needs applauded it is Mike Fleiss and Robert Mills, all of that hard work got a tweet from LiLo, bravo! What would you have done, shared or kept the money? Could Nick have acted a little more compassionate? Michael fans, do you stick by his story?
I wish Rachel would have taken Ed and Jaclyn with her to the final, and whoever won split it among the three. 
Last but not least, I was so thrilled to see Blakeley and Tony get engaged. Congratulations! This was absolutely the most dramatic and disturbing episodes ever. I will be blogging about the Bachelor Canada. If anyone wants me to blog about other shows, let me know. Xo, Ashley

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