Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Bachelor Pad Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Top 10 Moments

1. The singing competition, the best entertainment of the entire night. 

2. Blakeley and Tony’s departure, even though they were really sad, they found love in a Bachelor Pad place. I like this whole limo sharing, conserving love and fuel. Tony is such a stand up guy. 

3. Rachel’s rockstar outfit, hair and make up. 

Nick and Rachel being rockstars!
4. The trivia competition, Sarah was insanely good at it. Chris was just up there sitting pretty, while everyone else was hanging by a bar.

5. The cocktail party, wow talk about drama, Rachel and Jaclyn are best friends, Sarah and Chris are not as loved among the contestants. 

6. Sarah and Chris, their outfits were as crazy as their performance, entertaining is an understatement. Having the lyrics on his arm was priceless. 

7. Nick trusted in his partnership with the sun a little too much, that sunburn was awful, and the guy lives in Tampa.

8. Blakeley and Tony’s plea to be saved. This was extremely dramatic, since Tony and Chris are really good friends, but there was no way he was going to keep Blakeley.

9. Nick’s manipulation, “we both fought so hard to be here.” Is he joking? We didn’t even see him until the third episode, he wouldn’t even be there if he didn’t fall into his partnership with Rachel. 

10. Jaclyn and Ed’s departure, this is by far the worst of the season. I hated seeing this friendship being in jeopardy. I love Jaclyn and Rachel, but thankfully there have been pictures of them together since Bachelor Pad, their friendship had to survive the pad. 

I understand why Nick wanted to send Ed and Jaclyn home, but it sucks for Rachel, especially if Michael hadn’t betrayed Erica Rose, he would still be there. Chris Harrison said disturbing about the finale. He never says disturbing, ever! 

This will be the first finale where friends have not been in the finale. Would it be better to lose to friends or have a better chance at winning. Either way, Rachel’s hair looks like it will be fabulous next week. I’m going to go mentally prepare now. 



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