Monday, December 17, 2012

The Bachelorette Royal Wedding: Ashley and J.P.

   Photo Credit: ABC

     Last night Bachelor Nation watched Ashley and J.P. take their romantic and heartfelt vows. The episode started out with them telling their families the wedding date. Then Chris Harrison started having a chat with them, we saw their lives in NJ, I love their "real" jobs and lives, it shows how they work. We don't see them out in Hollywood or in the tabloids. I am Team Ilene, with her fabulous scarfs and fun personality.

  Photo Credit: ABC
     Then it is time for planning with Mindy Weiss, who needs her own show. What do you think would happen if she showed up at the end of the seasons with Neil Lane and said, "It is time to start planning?" The looks on the Bachelors and Bachelorettes would be priceless.

     Post-Mindy I was waiting for Neil Lane to show up. I am still not over the time he forgot who Ben was, and reintroduced himself which is still one of the funniest Bachelor moments ever. Then one of the most important parts of the entire episode, Ashley's amazing dress is
revealed. The design was beyond and she looked drop dead gorgeous.

  Photo Credit: ABC
     Throughout the entire episode it was so sweet to see how much they love each other. J.P. adores her, and the vows just melted my heart. They both looked so in love and I don't see how Chris Harrison kept them from kissing.

     Chris Harrison caught up with former Bachelors and Bachelorettes. How stunning is Molly Mesnick? Pregnancy looks great on her. I can't wait for the third Bachelor baby to arrive. The lengthy ITMs by the single Bachelorettes and Ali and Roberto walking in together, added speculation in true Bachelor fashion.

Here are my top 10 favorite moments of the wedding:

1. Ashley and J.P's vows

  Photo Credit: ABC

2. Seeing them and their families together
3. The dress
4. Her amazing hair and makeup
5. The updates on Bachelor Nation

  Photo Credit: ABC

6. Chris Harrison's return on my TV, "coming up"
7. Mindy Weiss and Neil Lane
8. Boo, that dog is the best
9. The Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, Ashley and J.P. ice skating, I would have busted my face
10. All of the traditions presented throughout the ceremony

My 3 wishes:

1. That we would have seen more of the reception
2. More of Ashley Spivey, she was the William of the episode
3. Some Possessionista coverage asking the celebs what they were wearing, Giuliana Rancic style

What was your favorite part of the episode? How insane did Sean's season look? Do you have a favorite girl yet? I can't wait.


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