Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bachelor 17 Episode Four: Tumbles and Tierra's

The Bachelor production must be trying to hit an insurance deductible with all of these injuries. Seriously, what is up with this season? One-on-one: Selma

It is ridiculous how gorgeous Selma is and her make up always looks perfect. They get on a plane and all we see is desert. I am so thrilled the Bachelor Burn Book noticed that I totally called this date. There is a huge rock and Selma just happens to be afraid of heights. People let me reiterate, say you are afraid of dolphins and Louboutins. Like a true gentleman he let Selma go first and clearly enjoyed his view. Who said Sean does not have game? Later, my prediction is proven when they show up at a high class trailer park. I doubt that is what Selma was expecting, but she got to wear yoga pants and a private plane. You win some, you lose some. This was apparent for Sean when she tried to kiss Selma Nashe said she "couldn't." What, this is the Bachelor? I understand it is her culture and it totally acted inner favor, which I'm glad, because I really like Selma. I am an even bigger fan of her eyelashes she uses Loreal mascara (I think). Of course she got a rose. Group Date: Tumbles and Tierra's I guess the producers hadn't watched the creepy CSI about the roller derby, maybe it was Criminal Minds? Amanda was busy getting "in the girls' heads" and is obviously a little too competitive for her own good. Sarah was having some issues, I mean first jumping off a building, now roller skating. For the record, I would be absolutely terrible on skates just because I'm clumsy. 

We hear kaboom, which is becoming very frequent this season. Amanda went chin deep into the floor. She must have been in everyone's head too much, that she couldn't keep her's up. She actually went to the hospital which legitimized her minor injury unlike someone. She made it back for the later part of the date. Sean kissed her chin which was beyond awkward. The biggest fail of the night was when Lindsay tried to get Sean in the hot tub, which was genuine, but there was a Tierradown. The tears were in her favor, ultimately getting her the rose. Lindsay's face was one of the most priceless expressions. One-on-one: Leslie

She got the glamorous date, everyone kept comparing it to "Pretty Woman" which was weird. She got diamonds, there was a Neil cameo, the dress options made me sad. Their dinner was going south and not to Dallas. He didn't give her the rose, but she left with more than most. Plus it probably helped her career. Cocktail Party: I had no idea Catherine speaks. I really liked her shoes too. Ashlee has moved up on my Lesley and Desiree train. I want one of those three to be the Bachelorette or my Twitter friends. Who is best for Sean? I have no idea but I don't think he does either. Who are your favorites? Rose Ceremony: A hurt chin doesn’t save anyone, Amanda said her goodbyes and departed.
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Xo, Ashley

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