Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor 17 Episode Two: What Would Sean do?

The drama, love and killer facial expressions have returned. I totally called it, The Bachelor started out with a fear date, which happened to be with Sarah. One-On-One Date: Sarah

You make all of your girlfriends jump?
Photo Source: ABC
I find her very interesting, sweet and inspiring. What a trooper to take on the fear date. Why do these girls not say their fears are kittens and dolphins? My biggest worry with her is, I hope their conversations progress farther. This process is very fast, I hope he can get to know her, before it is too late. Did she say something about falling in love? Oh that is not good. Every person who fell in love on the first date ended up in a dinghy boat or ditched by a love potion lady. Either way, Sarah is an inspiration for so many people. Group Date: There is a “model” on a photo shoot date? That is what I call fate. She wins the competition and contract, but will she get the rose? This is The Bachelor, of course she will not. Tierra is angrily munching on her veggies. I have yet to figure out if the girls are causing her distress or the lack of carbs. Lesley becomes a frontrunner, her and Sean are a little awkward, but I really like her. Even though they did not kiss the first time, they found each other by the end of the night. Daniella’s interview was absolutely hilarious, talk about play by play commentary. He and Kacie B have a moment, which may or may not be a first class flight back to friend’s zone. The deciding factor was him giving her the date rose, which made Tierra crown, I mean frown. Selma is so gorgeous, yellow is her color, which is funny because she said she rarely wears it. Daniella is back to narrating, “Tierra, Tiara, is that her name?” Her one-liners were killing me. Please put her on Bachelor Pad. Tierra talks about how she has never pursued a guy who has 25 other girls. Please tell me who has done that, besides someone who has been on the show? The higher Katie’s hair, the less she cared. Hopefully she gets back to yoga soon. Date card time, it is Jackie’s birthday the next day. I like Jackie but Sean was more likely going to put her in his past over giving her a present. One-On-One Date: Desiree

You can cook too?
Photo Source: ABC
Besides Lesley, Desiree is my girl. She is funny, pretty and totally the girl next door. Sean and the crew set her up to believe she broke an expensive art piece. Think Bachelor meets What Would You Do? She handled it so well, to the extent Sean felt awful. Chris Harrison was getting way too much entertainment out of that. Her dress was fabulous for the second week in a row. He keeps calling her Des which shows he likes and is very comfortable with her. They have similar families with the same values. Once she passed the test, she got to have hot tub time. Are their abs compatible? ABSolutely! Somehow I still ate cookies for breakfast after watching these two. I love that she joked with him about accepting the rose. She said she felt like he was her boyfriend, which is way more reassuring than “falling in love.” I feel this relationship is similar to former leads as example, Sean, Ashley, Ali, Jillian, Jason, etc. All of those contestants were early frontrunners, fan favorites and America ultimately wanted them to find love. On another note, Lo Bosworth from Laguna Beach and The Hills tweeted at me about the Bachelor. She also loves Desiree! As a huge reality TV fan, you would have thought I got a date rose. 

Cocktail Party: Kacie, Sarah and Desiree are safe. Lindsay makes a comeback, it is a wonder what a low blood alcohol level can do for a girl. She is pretty, and reminds me of other Lindzi. They talked about being best friend, because they might gain weight or lose their hair. Thank goodness Ryan was not around. He told Catherine he feels like she has an infectious personality, I can only imagine how relieved he is that Tierra’s personality is not. Holy Amanda, she is the brightest dark cloud ever. I love how Catherine said she was not responsive and being weird. That girl must be an electrician because she flips a switch. I like how the girls are getting along with Kacie. It is a wonder how big of a difference it makes when someone is brought in on the first night. Not only is she back, she is guiding the girls through their journey, the show’s very own Bachelor Whisperer. Robyn asks about the diversity, it was kind of awkward but we learn Sean has dated African American girls. Rose Ceremony: I was sad he sent my girl Diana home. I still cannot get over how pretty all of the people from Utah are on this show, and they have the best hair. Who chooses Amanda over Diana? She kept it cool and classy. I will just have to keep up with her fashionista self via Twitter. The credits just keep getting better. Who are your favorites so far? I am Team Desiree and Team Lesley. I am already debating which one I want to be the next Bachelorette. XO,

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