Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bachelor 17 Premiere: 26 Problems and Fifty Shades of Grey is One

I'm sure you all watched the show last night, if not, do not accept my rose. Sorry for the delay, I am slacking because of starting back to school this week. Next week I will have the full recap. Instead of an episode recap, I'm sharing my thoughts on the contestants in the same amount of time given on the first night, a few words. Needless to say the premiere was very entertaining, with a nice bromance visit from Arie. What if they ran off together, the show ended there and they lived happily ever after in Kensington's cottage? They didn't and the 26 girls brought it, drama, fashion and hair pieces from the lost city of Barbie. 

Ashley P + alcohol= fifty shades of big bag of crazy

Lesley: awesome, Bachelorette material, let's be friends

Diana: perfect braid, gorgeous and fabulous

Catherine: so pretty and chill

Selma: most likely to be hit on by former contestants

Lindsay: less drinks for her next time and she'll be fine, girl gets a helicopter ride so she must make a comeback

Desiree: bangs and amazing dress

AshLee: pretty, sad story, please come organize my life 

Robyn: flipped out

Paige: royal blue= perfect

Tierra: first rose put a huge target on her back

Amanda: funny awkward moment 

Sarah: sweet and pretty

Kristy: The best from the Midwest?

Ashley: southern accent from Colorado? 

Kacie B: Can I have your legs?

Jackie and Leslie kept it cool.

Anyone else, whether it be for better or worse you survived a week from being on my blog. 

So far, I love Catherine, Lesley, Diana, Desiree, Lindsay (points for going it), Selma and of course, Kacie B.  I am calling it now Ashley P on Bachelor Pad. I think Lesley is an excellent candidate for Bachelorette. I'll have more about my favorites in a post later this week. I'm glad to be back in the Bachelor blogging game. Who are your favorites?

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  1. I thought that Lindsay and Ashley P. (henceforth known as 50 Shades of Cray girl) were totally insane. I liked Kacie B. (THOSE LEGS! I need her workout routine) and Catherine (Sean seemed to be really into her). I also thought that Lesley was Bachelorette material. She kind of reminds me of Ali.