Monday, January 7, 2013

Bachelor Not Top Plays of 2012

1. Nick picking keep, that took guts, he did not care and went for it. I could not decide which list he should be on, but ended up with this one. Mostly because he got the votes because or Rachel. I'm interested to see how people play the game from now on. 

2. Sending Jac and Ed home, the game went south when they were sent home, and not the Kacie B and sweet tea south.

3. Ben telling Emily to "tread lightly." We all saw how that turned out though.

4. Neil Lane forgetting when Ben was, which was one of the funniest moments ever.  It made the list because it was a fail on Neil's part. 

5. Michael on Bachelor Pad, do I think he meant to do lead her on? No idea, it didn't look go though. People still love him no matter what, in the words of Brit it was his prerogative. 

6. The twins leaving the pad, twin one did not want to leave but the other decided their date. That is all I have to say about that, considering I don't know which one is my Facebook friend. 

7. Dougie kissing Emily, enough said.

8. The weather that gave Ben and his contestants bad hair days.

9. Any limo departure.

10. The newbies trying to take Erica Rose down, no one beats Erica and her tiara, ever.

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