Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bachelor Top Plays of 2012

Similar to ESPN, I have the top and not top plays of 2012. I know it is already 2013, but considering I haven't even made resolutions yet, the timing is perfect.

Top plays: 

1. Anything Jaclyn Swartz did, whether it be her hilarious one-liners or excellent strategy on the Pad. If this was the Super Bowl, Jac would be the winner and MVP. She needs to be on the next season! 

"On a scale of one to 10, I think I'm going to throw up."

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2. Ashley and J.P's Wedding, this event was amazing. We got to see Bachelor alumni, a perfect dress and the sweetest vows. Team Cupcake for the win.

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3. The villainous comebacks on Bachelor Pad. Mostly Kalon, somewhat Chris, even though his dramatic sequin covered love triangle got him in some predicaments. They both showed they are a likable bromance, and in the words of Chris, "grown ass men."

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4. On another Kalon note, the Em-ervention in which she went "Backwoods West Virginia hood rat on his ass."

5. The Bachelor baby announcement from Molly and Jason. Even though it was not on TV, we got to see the happy couple at the wedding. 

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6. The Arie and Courtney love affair, whether it be a publicity stunt or two incredibly attractive people getting together, it was entertaining and tabloid gold.

7. Emily and Jef, I didn't want include it too early in the list and make you sad. Needless to say, they were really cute together. 

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8.Sean's hometown date was perfection. Kensington and her cottage were all of that and a bag of  chips. 

9. Sean being announced the Bachelor, I called it and cannot wait for his journey.


10. This is last because there was no other number more fitting for Emily's Bachelorette wardrobe than a 10. 

Tomorrow is the premiere of the Bachelor, come back tomorrow for my not top plays. 

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