Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bachelor 17 Episode Five: The Polar Bear Scare

Lindsay: She got her first one-on-one this week and is definitely making a comeback. It was slightly awkward that she and Sean had to dance in front of all of those people to a singer I have never ever heard of. Did the whole state show up to the date? Kidding, but Lindsay deals with outdoorsy things well, and the fact her one-on-one had no hot tub or beach. It looks like the wedding dress and drunk behavior will not define her. 

Helicopter = special

Group Date: They have a Montana style obstacle course. Of course Sarah was put on the date, but in fairness to the producers this show has a lot of active things and Sean has taken that times a million. I wouldn't be able to survive that. In addition, the girls go to second base with a goat and Desiree drinks the milk like a champ. To her dismay, Sean invited the blue team later and she drank the milk for nothing. I have no idea what I would have done, but it wouldn't have been good. 

Hiding from Tierra, while seeking Catherine.

As if there was not enough craziness, Tierra shows up in one of the blue team's plaid shirts to surprise sean. That is so beyond creepy, like what was that all about? 

2-on-1 Date: Not Tierra's personalities 

Oh the dreaded 2-on-1 date, at first I thought this was a Tierrafied one-on-one and the date was just her. No poor Jackie got put on this date. I really liked Jackie's hair, outfit and personality. I was sad to see her and her mental stability leave the date. 

Time travel a week ahead: Only in Bachelor World can we get two weeks worth of drama in one night. 

Catherine gets a one-on-one. This girl speaks, is cool and handles an igloo/snow bus date. These girls are way better troopers than I would be. They get along really well and it is clear she was edited out of the picture. She didn't just come out of no where, set on his lap and a week later boom they really like each other. After hearing more from her I have to say she could be one of my favorites. I definitely could not decipher that from the hot minute we had seen of her up until that point. 

Who is watching the road (glacier)?

Group Date: The polar bear scare, carbs over garbs

Another active date, I swear I feel like I am watching the same thing. Except they all decide to do a polar bear plunge, not Selma though, I probably would have been right there with her. They all jump in, stay in and get out in the same amount of time. Tierra is the only one who had issues. Where was her waterproof mascara? In return, she got transported in a wheel chair, was given a latte, big mac and someone to put her socks on for her. If you can put on your oxygen mask, socks shouldn't be an issue. If she would have put some clothes on like everyone else, she would have been fine, but she chose carbs over garbs. 

Eating Big Mac = can put on socks.

She shows up at the date, Sarah shows family photos (no, don't do it) and Lesley gets the rose.

Desiree gets the second one-on-one before some people had a one-on-one. This always happens, I hope it was her present for drinking the goat milk. They do more active outdoorsy things. We find out Desiree was homeless and lived in a tent. Who would have thought? At this point, I am glad I have a boyfriend, my story would be beyond boring. 

This is for drinking goat milk.

Selma lays it all on out the line at the rose ceremony, kisses him and gets the boot. Daniella also got sent home, making me feel like we just lost Gossip Girl. Who will narrate? If I was her I would have found a glacier or stairs and be Bachelor Pad worthy. 

I am proud of Sean, some people might not mesh extremely well with his life or beliefs, but he has a good group of final girls (not including Tierra). I actually don't feel like Tierra is a villain, the villainous characters usually say funny things. I think she is getting caught up in this process, too bad she didn't get caught up in a blanket, maybe things would have been different. I hope she gets on Bachelor Pad, or some medical professionals will be losing their jobs. It is her chance for redemption.

I did a different format this week because it was crazy. If we had double doses of The Bachelor every week it would be the downfall or Tierra of us all. Who are your favorites? I really like Lesley, Ashlee, Desiree and am starting to be a fan of Catherine. 

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