Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bachelor 17: The Fall of Tierrany Twitter Recap

I am still recovering from the fall of the Tierran Empire, so for now I have posted my recap of last night's according to my tweets. My regular recap will be up tomorrow!


So you are going to sleep on a cot in the living room? Not private space.

AshLee is a cougar? Oh no you didn't, Someone is a big bag of crazy. I love AshLee.

In what world is 32 old?

Tierra is complaining about getting a one-on-one? Did she have parents who punished her for getting an A instead of an A+?

"What has been going on?" translates to give me a reason to send you home.

The girls are still mad over a rose from weeks ago? Please.

Would you act differently? No. You sealed your fate.

"I am falling for you" Tierra to Sean. Hide the stairs.

Tierra might not be there to make friends but everyone else is.

AshLee :
"Pouty pants" best description ever.

‪@Ashleefrazier has pulled off talking about another girl the best. She made it about him, not a personal vendetta and it worked.

Sean is terrified she is going to say kid.

Thank God she was not catfished.

Group Date:
This is SO awkward. I would totally play the car sick card.

I feel this date would be more enjoyable for ‪@clmgiudici if ‪@LesleyMurph, ‪@RobynRHoward and ‪@DaniellaMcBride were on it too! ‪#Bachelor

Only on Twitter can the Pope and Tierra be trending at the same time.

Lindsay survived one of the worst ‪Bachelor first impressions ever.

‪@clmgiudici keeps her cool and is positive, even though she has had  hardships.Then we have Tierra who cries over fake hypothermia.

Is this beach the ‪Bachelor version of truth serum?

The fall of Tierrany:
"Tierra you have a sparkle." There is the AHA moment.

Re roll the tape! Snap! That is the best suggestion yet.

"I can't control my eyebrow."

"Go sit on your cot." AshLee.

"Distance between you and I?" The distance is obviously between her and grammar.

Does anyone feel deprived their parents didn't tell them "not to lose their sparkle?"

Rose Ceremony:

AshLee thinks she is a goner.

Kudos to Catherine, that took guts to say someone else had more in common.
Sean has iPhone with him? Cut off from the world? I think not.

Who wanted to meet Tierra's parents and their sparkle?


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