Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bachelor 17: Hometowns cause frowns

I always love the hometown dates, no matter what, this is my favorite episode. Someone always shines bright like a diamond, or Tierra and someone’s date always is a deal breaker.  I think Sean thought hometowns would make his decisions very clear, but unfortunately did not.


My girl AshLee was up first, I really do like her. Some say she is boring, but the leads are always what people consider “boring.” Boring is necessary for a lead, because they have a storyline and people do not love or hate them.

She seems to narrate her dates more than anyone else gets to narrate their own date. She is totally getting The Bachelorette edit, whether she ends up getting it, I have no idea. Her parents were very sweet, I really liked them. It is truly heartbreaking how much she encountered by the age of four. I have read some things about her and her sad story, since when do sad stories not succeed on this show?

They both live in Texas and have similar families. If he wants someone who can easily transition into his life, AshLee is the girl.


Catherine is very chill and fashionable. She had me at royal blue and moto jacket. She and Sean get along really well and it is easy for them. Her family is very protective, which is understandable.

I do not think her family was too harsh, but Catherine may hate what her sisters had to say about her. That “extreme mood” comment was not reassuring. They drove the bus  right up and threw her right under it. Does anyone think Sean is terrified he might wake up one day and she is in one of the bad moods?

At this point, he has one family that wants him to come back and another that is iffy.  I can see them getting along in “real” life though.


She is totally the comeback kid. She needs to join Pope & Associates with that damage control, seriously. They walk around the town, eat some cute cupcakes, then Lindsay wants him to give her 20 and she wasn’t talking about cupcakes.

I was terrified for Sean to meet General Yenter. As soon as we meet her family, we see Lindsay’s mom is still a hottie and internally Sean has to be happy about that. Her parents were so cool and her father even gave his blessing. This conversation made it very difficult for all of the other girls. If I had to guess, I bet Sean thought this would be the most difficult blessing to get and when it wasn’t that had to be confusing.


First of all, bless Desiree’s heart. She started the date with a joke on Sean, about an ex-boyfriend showing up. He cannot be mad about it because one, he played a joke  on Desiree and two, he played a joke on his hometown. This put the date on an interesting path.

Then we get to meet Desiree’s family. Her parents are super nice and then we meet the brother. He is so awkward and rude. He calls Sean a playboy, what, has he not got to see the magazine covers? Her brother keeps telling Des he is not the one and it is clear he sealed her fate.

Rose Ceremony:

This was interesting, he was certain about Lindsay and AshLee, but not Catherine or Desiree. If he is with Catherine, then I bet the conversation after last night’s episode was the worst. I see that as a future fight topic, “remember that time I was on the chopping block?” If he was that unsure of me I would have walked out, but I am not in love with the guy.

Next week is the fantasy suites. I cannot wait for that! Who do you want to win? Who do you think would make the best Bachelorette and why?

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