Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bachelor 17 Finale Recap

Oh the finale episode, a huge reminder that my Monday night’s are going to be extremely lame until May.  We start out the family visit with Sean’s nephew reminding us that Emily did not pick him and needless to say I am entertained. I was disappointed the crew did not ship Kensington’s Cottage to Thailand.

Sean thinks his family will bring clarity. A family has never ever brought clarity, the vast majority of the time they make it worse.


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Catherine got the first family date and the last one-on-one, which is the equivalent of hitting the lottery. She arrives with a present and just so happens to match Sean’s entire family, which I love. Catherine knocks Jay’s socks off,  he said he will be her biggest cheerleader and how his son-in-law Andrew is his best friend.

Jay should seriously be a therapist or have motivational videos. Catherine fit in very well with his family, while showing a nice balance of her fun and intense sides.

I was so JEALOUS over Catherine’s last one-on-one, because she got to ride an elephant. If you follow my Twitter closely, you know how much I love elephants. I love how easy their date is and Catherine is dressed casual cute in denim shorts. Later on, things get very serious and we see real emotions from Catherine, the whole process started to sink in.

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Lindsay also made an excellent impression on Sean’s family. I love how she joked with Jay about having Sean’s hand in marriage. I am a fan of her sense of humor. They also fit very well together.

For their last one-on-one they rode a boat down a very brown river. This seemed all right until we saw Catherine’s elephant date. As much as I think Sean really did love Lindsay this date was getting a little forced. She was saying she loved him and he would look away or say something along the lines of “thanks.”

Sean’s mom was concerned if he did not know who he wanted to pick, should he be proposing? This whole conversation made me sad. After making a lot of girls cry this season, Sean had to feel terrible that his mom started crying.

Neil Lane shows up and greets him by name. To this day I am still beyond entertained of Neil reintroducing himself to Ben. It was impossible to put a price on that greatness. Sean picks a cushion cut diamond and I feel somewhere Ashlee was dying, no she was at the AFTR alive and gorgeous.

Final Rose Ceremony

Lindsay shows up first and except for Jesse Palmer’s season that means she is toast. Who all remembers when Jessica showed up first? That gave new meaning to the word awkward. She steps out and I wonder how Chris Harrison manages to keep a straight face. She walks over rocks and a bridge to Sean and he starts the compliments. After so many compliments and a fast approaching “but,” Lindsay looks blindsided.

I give props to Lindsay, if an exit is graded on grace and class she is the winner of all seasons. She is so sweet, as you know she is not the Bachelorette, but today on the press call she said, “I have my eye on someone.” Lindsay said she was not ready to talk about him publicly, but is ready to get back to normal life. She was just as nice as you would imagine and funny.

After Lindsay gets in the car, Chris Harrison comes up with a note and Sean looks terrified. If she would have dumped him that would have been the most dramatic season ever, but it is a cute love letter, which turns into them reading at the same time. Catherine shows up in a similar looking dress (Lindsay said, they picked out their own dresses out of a big selection.)

Sean looks thrilled, says all of these romantic sweet things and proposes. Catherine asks “for real?” They are so ridiculously cute. He did not spin her around, maybe that is the curse and they will not get it. They ride off together on an elephant as America and I are in Bachelor bliss. Bravo ABC and Sean, he has by far been the comeback kid.

Speaking with Sean and Catherine was crazy. Sean told me his favorite date was in Canada, while Catherine’s was the date after hometowns, because she missed him so much. They were both so cool. Catherine’s father will be involved in the wedding, they do not have a date set yet, Sean’s father and grandfather being ordained ministers, puts Chris down farther on the list.

I have more information from the happy couple and Lindsay, coming up next on the blog.

Thanks for being along for the read this season, I have a lot of fun things coming up for the blog that will hopefully make May come a lot faster.



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