Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Bachelor 17: Women Tell All

Oh how I love the Women Tell All, it never fails. This episode definitely had some unexpected moments that put the “real” in reality TV. Tierra: The most shocking thing to me about Tierra is she has fans out there. She should have come on and said, “Hey look I was immature, this process was bad for me and I’m sorry.” In true Tierra fashion, she blamed the other girls for bullying her, even in the instances she started the drama. My favorite part was her talking about being Little Miss Nevada, can we please bottle her sparkle and sell it? She talked about how her eyebrow has a Twitter, as I have that inner panic feeling you get when you almost fall down the stairs. I am impressed she and her fiancĂ© are still together after the show airing. More power to her, I hope she has a fabulous life with lots of sparkle. I was really hoping for her to be on Bachelor Pad. Lesley: She looked amazing and I think she would be good for Bachelor Pad. Between her competitiveness and gorgeous looks the guys would die to be her partner. Selma: Selma always looks fabulous, I love that she told Tierra, “You gotta hide your crazy.” At least people tried. Sarah: I adore Sarah, she is so sweet, fashionable and funny. I hope she finds love soon she deserves it. Instead of seeing the sad part, I would have preferred seeing her closet. Desiree: I felt abandoned by Des’ bangs. She said all of the right things and by right things I mean, girl was throwing out Bachelorette lines. Her fun-loving attitude is in her favor, because it would not overwhelm the guys and the show would be very entertaining. If she becomes the next lead, I sure hope they give her brother a chill pill. Ashlee: Oh Ashlee, I feel like I am on this deserted island without any other Ashlee fans. I definitely think she talked way too much about her abandonment. I get she has as many issues as Cosmo, but I still like her. .It was her time for the hot seat, and things got very interesting. First of all, how drop dead did she look? Wow, her new hair and outfit were perfection. She asked Sean why he said he did not have feelings for the other girls, in the fantasy suite. He said that did not happen, it does not matter to me either way. No matter what, she somehow got lead on, whether it was him or her is irrelevant. I feel if she had the next lead, she would not have cared or risked it by bringing that up though. I cannot recall anything else that was over-the-top. Not too many people were shown talking. I would have liked to have seen more of Daniella, because she is hilarious. This season the majority of the girls were friends, which avoided a lot of the drama. The whole Bachelor bus visiting the sorority house made the frat boy comment a little more entertaining. Who do you think the Bachelorette will be?

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