Friday, June 28, 2013

Bachelorette Season 9 Episode Five: Go Germany or Go Home

I'm totally slacking, I know. The Bachelorette and contestants arrive at the most "romantic" country in the world, because nothing screams love like Hitler's homeland. We find someone is not there for the right reasons. The guys are never half as disappointed as the girls are  to go to a cold climate. 

Chris: Love.

Bryden: Who seriously dumps someone while they are on a date with someone else?

Benny Boy: Someone has a temper, Michael made him lose it. 

Brooks: Awko taco him watching her kiss someone else. 

Drew: Why are you still hiding? And he totally wiped Zak out. 

Zak: So pretty, that is all. 

Michael: If someone doesn't get the girl, he is try to make partner or D.A.

James: I can't figure out what I think of him.

Kasey: #Wedonotseehim

Juan Pablo: Does he even have to talk? 

Favorites: Chris, Zak, Brooks and Drew still (even though we hardly see him).

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