Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bachelorette 9 Episode Four: Get Your Crown On

One-on-one: Brad

Honestly, I forgot about this date, which is sad. Their conversations were weak and lacked chemistry. I would have been so mad if someone made me walk up five flights of stairs, just to get sent home. Forget having a natural spark, if that would have happened to me there would have been a fire.

Group Date: Mr. America

First of all, who knew the Miss USA and Miss America were two different things? Not me, until last night. Personally, I love the cross promoting by Chris Harrison.

Some of the guys took the talent portion seriously. Kasey and his tap dancing were hilarious. Zak and his pretty voice were amazing, he could have said the ABC’s and no one would care.

Des totally gave speedos to the guys she was on the fence about and I am shocked none of the guys hit on Miss America, I guess Brian left too soon.

Kasey won the competition. #TapDance

One-on-one: James

This date was low on snark and high on heart. Des and James toured the Sandy devastation, met with the cutest couple ever, Manny and Jan and did some good in the world. I really wish they would have got a new house or for the contestants to build them one.

James tells he cheated and I thought he was going to get the Steve Madden boot. The experience that day + his father being sick = save. I bet she trusts James in a house full of guys, but when he wants to have a “boys night out,” you will not trust him farther than you can throw him. It may have been Hootie, but despite my thoughts on James, I can’t stop myself from liking him. Maybe it was his proper usage of “I.”

I felt this episode was very sad and inspiring. It did not include much material for one-liners. What did you think? Are you team Manny/Jan?

It wasn’t a surprise that someone we haven’t really got to see, went home. Who are your favorites? I’m staying strong with Chris, Brooks, Drew and Michael, but now Zak is totally on my radar. Can he be the Bachelor like now?

P.S. If you do not wear matching hoodies you are not here for the right reasons.


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