Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bachelorette 9 Episode Two: Crank that awkwardness


Oh Brooksy, tall, dark and mysterious. I am pretty sure he is part of the Salt Lake City Secret Society group with Michelle, Diana and Jef. This date was like the ghost of Bachelor dates past. We see them go through sketchy areas and turn onto a closed road, not weird at all.

Nothing says Bachelor love like putting on wedding attire, hugging hysterical fans and going to the Hollywood sign. Brooks has a backpack and I can admire his preparedness.

There is an amazing chandelier and set-up. Has anyone else noticed the bridges can only be shut down in sketchy areas?

Brooks tells about his struggles in life and how they make him a better person. Des totally loves it, but that is not all, there is a concert. Consider this the Bachelorette date value pack, find your very own value pack on Groupon.

Group Date:

It is not true love until Soulja Boy shows up. Keep in mind this is the guy who is known for “superman that ho.” The guys are terrible rappers, I get they were not given the best rapper in the world, but still. Justin was disappointed by the guys rapping but Des was good.

I thought all of the previous Bachelor references were hilarious. I totally think Ben should have worn the “I<3 Dad” shirt. 

Remember, love don’t come easy.

Zak gave a thoughtful gift and the more he keeps his shirt on, the more I like him. Is that supposed to happen?


Bryden is a war veteran who was in a tragic accident as a teenager. First of all, a veteran and has tragedy? Second, who just carries around photos like that, not on an electronical device?

This was the quickest road trip ever. I think if they all went this fast I would like road trips a lot more. Did they really drive the entire way or were they hopping on a plane in between?

It was super awkward when they were in the hot tub, when Des told him to go for it. This is similar to Jamie attacking Ben, but on the other side of the spectrum.

It is really interesting, is he just socially awkward? His accident was a tragedy, Ben’s accident was a toddler.

Cocktail Party:

It takes a very special person to have a rose and want time anyway. Michael was trying to tell Des about his diabetes and Ben shows up, trying to mask his ailment of being type one narcissist. Forget Ben talking about the cute kid, I want to know more about the “friend” who he “just had a kid with.”

I like that Michael talked to Ben about it and did not just go behind his back We learn Ben owns a bar, which gives me a Brad vibe and two, you would have to drink to sober up his ego.

Poor Liam lookalike (Robert) got the boot. Don’t worry, go spin some signs until Miley returns.  Also, Will and Nick, no more high fives.

My top five are currently:

Brooks: They get along really well, and Salt Lake usually goes for the gold. Examples: Jef and Michelle.

Drew: I have this weird TV crush on him, that face.

Michael: Level-headed, smart and a lawyer.

Brandon: Des is cool with his emotional side, if she didn’t like him, she would get rid of him in a hurry.

Chris: I feel we are not seeing anything of Chris, which usually means something. Think Jef, Chris L, Catherine.

Who are your favorites? 

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