Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bachelorette Season 9: The men tell some and mostly fight

Last night was the “Men Tell All” which is pretty much the men talk about all their drama, see the bachelorette for two seconds and then bloopers. Thankfully, last night we got to see the former bachelorettes. I had really missed Emily and Ashley’s clothes.

Of course there was drama between James, Michael, Ben and more. There is no need to relive that stuff.

Juan Pablo gets put in the “hot seat” which is shocking since we barely saw him throughout the show. He seems like such a good guy , who did not use his daughter in his favor. Chris Harrison was asking him Bachelor-like questions. A lot of people love Juan Pablo and I guarantee women would sign up all around the US, but I am still banking on Zak or Chris being the next Bachelor.

Zak goes on stage, he is not “over” Des and talks about his experience. I am still a Zak fan, but that song was over-the-top. You were in the running without the song.

Des seemed super sassy last night. Not exactly the mood of a happy and engaged person.

Then the bloopers came on which is always my favorite part.

There was nothing too exciting except I did get RT by Alyssa Milano last night, but there is a new press release up about next week. Fasten your seatbelt Bachelor Nation it looks like it will be a wild ride, or I will be extremely disappointed in Chris Harrison.

What do you think happens?



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  1. I think Juan Pablo is going to be the next Bachelor and I'm really excited because I love him!