Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bachelorette Season 9 Episode Six: Be the Next Bachelor or Bust

One-on-one: Drew

Drew we finally see you, the date is going well and you sell your soul. He tells her to get up in the middle of dinner and they start running. I am guessing the cameraman is thinking: ON THE MOVE. Then he goes to push her up against the wall. These guys totally watched Arie last season with those moves. I found it to be a little awkward since they were not already at a wall and they went there just for the kiss.

Overall, I like Drew though. Those upcoming previews give me a lot of anxiety about him. As much as he is the whole package, I feel he might be a little bit of a downer as the next Bachelor. I want fun, not sad childhood.

Group Date: Soccer, not fair, don’t care

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Des takes the remaining guys (besides Zak) on the group date, and it is based on soccer. Juan Pablo looks like the soccer gods just gave him a ball straight out of heaven. We know Juan is good at soccer, it was his job. Who knew he had a daughter? All I could think is who IS she?

The guys are still super angry at James and to help things he is the worst soccer goalie of all time. Des and the girls win and the guys are ruined forever.  Someone should have told James that good goalies become the Bachelor. I wish the girls would have been supermodels so we could learn who was here for the right reasons.

One-on-one: Zak

Zak really has surprised me more than the other contestants. I thought the guy with no shirt would be out on episode one or two. He really does have a great personality.  He and Des always have a good time together. I feel he brings out the funny side of her, which is refreshing to watch on a TV show that has been very teary this season. I loved when he came out in that robe, because Des looked like she might fall over.  Kudos to Zak and I think everyone is happy he did not become a priest.


This entire situation was beyond dramatic and awkward. Drew was the Debby downer at the end of his date telling Des about James. Then the other guys followed him into the dark. As comical as it is, if you make it to the final four and do not want to be the Bachelor, I do not think you are there for the right reasons. Way to be a planner James, except you spilled your soul to Mikey on a bus full of dudes. I’m convinced those tears were from fear that Mikey was already on a boat somewhere.

The awkward level when she sent James back to the hotel was off the charts. Then all of the guys had to sit on that small little chair. Then they chatted again and he went back. I was totally over this situation, either keep him or send him home.

Rose Ceremony: Three guys are going home, say what?

Was I the only person on the planet who knew they would be sending three guys home? That seems like a lot. Poor Juan Pablo got the boot, he did not get ahead in the game by using his daughter, he left with dignity and the same pretty face that arrived with him. #PoorKasey. James got sent home and boy did the guys have one-liners for that mess.


The rest of the season looks absolutely crazy. Does Des get dumped again? What is Drew’s issue?  No more tears.

I really like Chris and Zak, they are my absolute favorites. Des likes Brooks and he has remained so calm and cool throughout this process, so I like him too. I am afraid we are going to find a skeleton in Drew’s closet, and Michael gets really angry sometimes, but I feel he would be a good lawyer to hire.

Who do you like? Do you have a favorite for Des or who you want to be the next Bachelor?


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