Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bachelorette Season 9 Hometowns

Bachelorette hometowns are always my absolute favorite. Sometimes we have stuffed animals, visiting funeral homes and the best ever, a burial for a bird. Things are never ever dull, unlike parts of this season.

I feel like Des has had her pick since night one, I'm hoping for something  dramatic because it is pretty obvious at this point.

Zak: 1st hometown

I became a quick fan of Zak post-antique gift. On the first night I thought he and his shirtless self were out. His hometown started out with one of my favorite things on earth, sno-cones. Justin (my boyfriend) said it would have been over for me at that point and he was correct.

After dressing as a penguin a d screaming children, they go to meet Zak's family. There is always at least one family who is equally as pretty as the contestant. Congrats Zak and family you are the winners this season. His sister's outfit was one of my favorite of the season.

They all sang to Des which some found lame, I weirdly liked it. Go ahead and judge me. He then talked about a ring, way to go for it.

Drew: 2nd hometown

Oh boy we knew this was going to be a hometown to remember. His sister was so sweet and Des was truly touched. His whole family dynamic was interesting especially after the stories we have heard.

I think he is an incredible guy, but seems to have a lot of baggage. I commend him for being so open.

Chris: 3rd hometown

Baseball, how Roberto of him. It was going to be a true victory if they made it through the date without poetry. I don't really mind it though, because it is him.

Chris' parents were super sweet and I can appreciate the fact Des got a free adjustment. Papa Chris should have given her the retail value of that.

I don't care who she ends up with, but her connection seems strongest with Chris.

Brooks: 4th hometown

I don't even know why in recapping this since she said she was in love with him. I'm impressed Brooks' family doesn't live on a billion acre ranch. He had so many family members that name tags were necessary and charming. That entrance was gold.

I loved the rose joke. I'm fearful though, maybe Brooks doesn't show it as much as everyone else, but he doesn't seem in love with her. There is nothing wrong with that, it gives a more real aspect to it, but she seems to want the chase. That never ends well.

Rose Ceremony:

Des brings out her best outfit so far, or that I can remember.

Brooks gets a rose. Chris gets a rose. Then in a truly devastating moment in BachelorNation, Zak gets the boot and not an amazing pair of Frye boots either. I was in shock. Drew got the rose.

Bless Zak's heart, he threw the ring out the window. Then my thought process was:

1. I hope it was fake.
2. I hope it was gum.
3. I hope that limo driver turned that car around.

If you weren't watching Mistresses you missed the preview and shame on you because it is really good. The preview showed Emily Maynard, Ali Fedorowsky and Ashley Hebert having lunch. This season might hit a record on contestant appearances. Who do you want to be the Bachelor? 


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