Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bachelorette Season 9: A night of "des"asters and "des"astation

The night started off with me at a restaurant whose computer system went down. As you can imagine I felt like I was on the Titantic and that ship was sinking. I had to keep it together, I did not reach Amanda status but was approaching Britney with umbrella. Thankfully, the system came back and off I went on my lifeboat.

I had the show on my DVR so I skipped the flashbacks and part of Des and Drew's date. Fast forwarding did not prevent me from seeing and hearing the kissing. This was a very simple story, Drew loves Des, Des thinks Drew is perfect and then Drew ran out of hair gel.

Chris was up next and at this point we were still unaware of the mess that was going to conclude the episode. Dedicated Bachelor watchers, Chris is "that guy." The person who is good looking, sweet and fun, but the lead does not fall for them. There is no greater mystery than this person in Bachelor land, think Tenley, Lindsay, Chris L, Sean, etc.

I am a little disappointed Chris' family did not get a cameo, adjust that nose.

Back in Utah, Brooks is conflicted. His family tries to talk him into loving Des, then Chris Harrison but it still did not cut it.

My issue is not with Brooks or Des, not even him leaving, but he did not say he was leaving because of the process or it got too hard. His reasons revolved around Des herself, not the process. If he comes back and proposes then they live happily ever after more power to them, but how will she feel after watching his interviews? She did not seem the happiest camper at the Men Tell All.

Is anyone else ready to hear who the next bachelor will be? Who do you want it to be?

I am beyond anxious for this dramatic finale and I will never underestimate Chris Harrison again.


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