Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Next Bachelor is.......

Juan Pablo is the next Bachelor. I cannot wait to see his journey and knew something was happening when he got that hot seat spot on the Men Tell All. It was obvious that he was at least being considered. He is looking for someone to be a step-mom to his daughter and to love him. As the female population has a collective heart attack, he is formally announced as "The Bachelor."

Kudos to the guy with the least screen time ever to go on to being the next lead. I think he will be entertaining and funny. I am sure there will be drama because of the girls and cannot wait to see what antics they will have to get his attention.

Who is excited? Who is applying? I think he will be a great Bachelor, especially since one my top picks is with Des (Chris). My choices were Juan Pablo, Zak W and Chris. 



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