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'Bachelor' Juan Pablo: What he is looking for, if he will move for love and the women vying for his heart

“The Bachelor” kicks off the New Year with a two-night premiere on Sunday, Jan. 5. at 8 p.m. Juan Pablo had his media call on Dec. 16. I have the scoop for this season.

"The Bachelor" Juan Pablo
Source: ABC
When “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” is a single parent he or she always tends to get a difficult time about leaving their child. There are the typical critics who are talking about Juan Pablo leaving Camila.

            “OK, I haven’t read that, but if they tell me, oh, you leave your daughter – well, my daughter has a mom too.  And her mom takes care of her anyways when I’m away.  And I travel a lot.  So, it’s not that I’m leaving her to do a reality show; I’m, you know, leaving her – couple of times to be – and maybe finding somebody that I can be happy and have a family and then she will have brothers and sisters.
            So, I don’t think that if somebody says that, you know, maybe they don’t have families and they don’t know what that means, you know.  So – but I don’t – I don’t care about those kinds of critics.  I’m glad that I haven’t read them,” Juan Pablo said in response to the negative comments.

Juan Pablo is looking for someone who is “smart…honest…and that likes sports a little bit maybe, and was looking for someone who knew how to dance because I love dancing. That's one of my biggest turn on like I fall in love with that.”

A hot topic when it comes to “The Bachelor” and whoever they choose is where is the couple going to live? When Juan Pablo was on “The Bachelorette” we learned about his life in Miami. Is he up to moving for love?

“No – no, on the moving part I don’t like Miami.  I don’t know where, you know, how they say that that I want to move, you know, I don’t like Miami that much.  I don’t like the weather.  So and I travel a lot, that’s why to me base is Miami but I travel a lot.  But definitely I want somebody very independent, career wise.  I respect a lot what a person does for a living.  And I want to have kids right away, but if I’m with somebody and she’s like, listen, I have my career and this and that, I understand it. 

            There’s no like no, no I want kids right now.  No, no.  I respect that a lot because I love people when they respect what I do for a living.  You know, if somebody’s an architect and she (has work) to buy for two weeks and she has – her career is getting bigger and bigger, I will respect that 100 percent whenever we’re ready, we’ll be ready to have kids.

And Miami, who would ever, you know?   Obviously I’ll have to find somewhere that I can be – that is easier for me to do what I do for a living and maybe for that person, what she does for a living too.  So, you know, there’s got to be a conversation and a couple's, you know, decision at the end of the day,” Juan Pablo said.

The first night is always full of antics. We have seen everything from wedding dresses, mask wearing and putting panties in pockets. We do not have to worry about Juan Pablo judging a book by its cover.

“I wouldn’t – I wouldn’t judge a first impression.  I don’t judge first impressions at all, because I didn’t do something but I could have done some weird thing too, and it’s not me.  You know, just to be funny,” Juan Pablo said.

Casting always does a flawless job in choosing the contestants and from them we have received drama queens such as Tierra and sweethearts like Tenley. As much as the contestants are perfect for TV, how did these contestants shape up in Juan Pablo’s mind?

“Well, to me it was great.  It was a great group of women.  Obviously, you get to know more – some more than others.  But the definitely I think they did a good job picking out from the – from the girls and doing the casting, “ Juan Pablo said.

It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to on Jan. 5. I will be live-tweeting over at @BachelorExpert. What are your thoughts so far?

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