Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"The Bachelor" Juan Pablo: Season 18 Premiere

Source: ABC
It is that time of the year, “The Bachelor” is back and Juan Pablo Galavis takes popularity to a new level.


Camila is my favorite. She and her stripes, bows and sassiness are very charming. Camila is obviously vying for most fabulous Bachelor child. I am jealous of her tan too.

Sean Lowe:

Sean shows up and plays with Juan Pablo and Camila on the playground and then they chat about the Bachelor “experience.” He also tells us about how Catherine was not on his radar and that makes a lot of sense to us viewers. That polka dot shirt is on my radar though. Never forget: tomato juice + dog + skunk is love.

Chris Harrison:

I can’t understand why he does not age. It is possibly my life mission to find out.


Renee is sweet and seems like a great mom. She looks identical to Colbie Caillat. Juan Pablo definitely seems very interested in her considering he remembered her name and her son’s name. When she called Juan Pablo “papi” my day was made (if confused, see Twitter.)

Renee and Kelly's pup, Molly.
Source: ABC

She is a pediatric nurse, so how do you top that? If Camila is sick you do not have to worry about Nikki bailing. Her entrance was cute without being annoying. "You are Nikki the nurse, you heart - boom, boom." Cheering for you and your waves, Midwest.


Clare’s clothes and hair are equally amazing. The DVD situation is sweet and being a nosy terrible person I probably would have watched it. Go Clare and your self-restraint. I would like to know how It is that time of the year, “The Bachelor” is back and Juan Pablo Galavis takes popularity to a new level. 


Andi is a prosecutor and is ridiculously gorgeous. She seems like a ballbuster and Juan Pablo will love her and if not, all of America will.

Lauren S:

I was impressed by the piano entrance and hope she flew Southwest. I love that Juan Pablo crashed the party to find out her name. 

Lauren, her piano and Juan Pablo.
Source: ABC

Heads California, tails California. She has not been on a plane before this and I am amazed. 


The chemistry entrance was slightly off but the worse part is she didn’t have goggles for Juan Pablo. She is supposed to guard and protect Juan Pablo’s eyes.

Chelsie performing a science experiment on Juan Pablo.
Source: ABC

This girl is everything. She didn’t wear shoes because she didn't want to be tall and I am guessing athlete’s foot wasn’t part of the thought process. Lucy is a walking and talking Free People billboard. 

Lucy with headband and no shoes.
Source: ABC

The weird prescription thing would have been funny if she didn’t work in healthcare. That made it a little sketchy and hope she didn’t steal grandma and grandpa’s red hots.


She is so serious and does not seem very into this situation. How did she get here? She is classy but her receiving the first impression rose was underwhelming. Classy and cultured are the last attributes I want on this show. 

First impression lady, Sharleen.
Source: ABC

She is sweet and pretty and there does not appear to be much drama involved here.

Lauren H:

Bless her because she does not appear to be in a good place or over her relationship. On this show you can’t unpack your baggage on the first night unless it is Louis Vuitton. 


How can someone have a conversation when they are getting hit in the back every two seconds? 

No words for this.
Source: ABC
Way to lay low ladies, but this is what I remember: 

Alli: Soccer
Alexis: Extremely pretty 
Non-massage Amy: Glad she did not bring her pink top
Christine: Green dress
Kelly: Cute puppy
Ashley: Gold star
Kylie: Bless her, she thought her name was called and it was really Kat
Kat: Gorgeous and one of the best dressed

Kat and Juan Pablo dancing.
Source: ABC

Christy: Chicago and tan
Cassandra: Tall and young
Chantel: Blue dress
Danielle: Curly hair
Victoria: Brazilian 
Valerie: Personal Trainer and tan

As of right now my top four are:

1. Renee 
2. Nikki
3. Clare
4. Andi

Also I like Kelly and her pup, Lauren, Elise and Kat. Sharleen and her classiness will have a good run because she is such a challenge. 

Who are your favorites? You can let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Follow me @BachelorExpert for live-tweets during the show and updates throughout the weeks. 


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