Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"The Bachelor" Juan Pablo: Season 18 Episode Two

For the five of us who watched the special on Sunday we knew Clare was getting the first date. Better yet, we even knew she went to a winter wonderland.


Clare has the most perfect hair. When Juan Pablo arrived he blindfolded her, it seemed like it was going to be fifty shades of gray. Thankfully Clare was more appropriately dressed than Camila was for the fake snow. They played in the snow and started iceskating. How long did Juan Pablo get trained for this? He was ridiculously good and last time I checked iceskating is not the hottest sport in Miami.

Of course there was a convenient hot tub on this date. I thought hot tubs signified making out but I guess it means serious conversation. Neither one of them were wearing enough clothing for how serious that conversation was. Nothing says first date like playing in the snow, dancing to some guy I have never heard of and making out in a hot tub.

Hot tub time.
Photo rights: ABC

Kat, Kat, Kat, Kat, Kat

Kat gets a plane and where will they go, New York (more than two people there, just clarifying) or Miami? Then Juan Pablo came out of the room dressed in neon colors which was a terrible sign, I was thinking roller rink but no. They arrived in SLC and if this date does not include Michelle Money, what is the point?

Kat was such a trooper, because I could never imagine my reaction if someone took me on a date with neon clothing and running. If Kat did not get the rose I was going to find her and give her one myself. Way to roll with the punches or run with the neon colors and I hope they checked if Kat was epileptic first.

Photo rights: ABC 

Group Date: Got 20 something dogs and Molly isn’t one

Everyone gets a dog and an outfit. The creative director and his teal beard were a little questionable in my book. Andi and her amazing fishtail braid weren't feeling the photo shoot and I find it refreshing. Obviously, she isn’t trying to skip out on her job to be a model.

All tied up.
Photo rights: ABC
Kelly rocked that giraffe looking outfit. We do not get to hear enough of her one-liners. Juan Pablo finally talked to Andi and if the Bachelor is going to get naked too, why not? I am almost positive that Andi wore a nude tank top and underwear, so for those who were worried, she didn’t pull a Lucy.

Cassandra talked about how she has a child and of course Juan Pablo doesn’t mind. It is clear Juan Pablo really likes Nikki, he remembered her entrance and patted her on the head. Juan Pablo said, “She drank a little bit a lot?” That was one of the quotes of the night. Victoria was “hammered” and went crazy. Unlike Juan Pablo, I think this might be a common situation. 

There was nothing better than a clothed Lucy alerting Juan Pablo of the Victoria downfall. Victoria demanded to go home and we even got an Elan appearance. Renee is so gorgeous and chill and she deserved a dozen roses for trying to console Victoria. Kelly got the rose for being a good sport and I think her one-liners were flawless. Juan Pablo was not dramatic about the situation and clearly he didn’t have time for the crazy.

Victoria hangover and aftermath

Victoria “guesses” she is sorry. And used words such as “maybe” and “guess” some more. “I guess I could have been a little more adult about it” was the best. Obviously Juan Pablo had to get rid of her, because he could not have someone to rival Camila’s tantrums. I wish we would have seen the dramatic suitcase departure for her.

Cocktail Party

Amy got the first one-on-one time and I am convinced that this was her interview. Sharleen was still surprised about getting the first impression rose, and so am I, but for the first time she seemed nervous. I bet Sharleen is a cool girl and I just wished she accepted a rose another way than “sure.” Cassandra needed reassured and nothing is a sure thing, especially on this show.

Rose Ceremony

Chantel and Amy did not get roses and I think Amy just wanted for ABC to call her maybe.

The next special is about “The Bachelor” couples and I am so excited. I think Riley Mesnick is the cutest little baby (after my niece of course.) Also, that we get to see Trista and Ryan renew their vows, because 10 years in this world is the same as Hollywood, forever.

Who are your favorites? I love Andi, Renee and think Kelly and Molly do not have nearly enough airtime. 

All photo rights belong to ABC.


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