Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The Bachelor" Juan Pablo: Season 18 Episode Three

“The Bachelor” kicks off after a dramatic weekend and a Bachelor love story special the night before. The first date goes to Cassandra. Cassandra: At some point I will get over the fact she is my age. I commend Juan Pablo getting to know her so he can send her home to her child if he is not interested. Cassandra meets Juan Pablo and then they get into a magic jeep. It can float in water and it may be the magic jeep but she is not Ms. Frizzle. How does Juan Pablo have an iPhone on the show? Cassandra is by far the biggest victim of the bio photo this season because she is way more gorgeous than her photo. Their kiss was awkward but still not the worst kiss of the episode. Group Date:
Juan Pablo with the blue and red teams.
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Soccer is Juan Pablo’s thing so of course a competition is overdue. As always there is a blue and a red team, can we come up with some different colors, how about purple and yellow or aqua and coral? I always love when there are team competitions because it shows who are the favorites. Never are there more two favorites per team. The fact he didn’t have a winner shows that he likes both teams equally. Andi talks about David Beckham and Kelly talks about not being athletic and obviously they are my favorites. Sharleen got hurt multiple times and honestly I would probably be the person who gets hurt, but for attention. Nikki: They have a great connection and she got the rose. Andi: I love her outfit, they get along really well and she got a snack. On a better note their kissing was normal and avoided grossing me out. Sharleen: that kiss ruined me. Chelsie: They sing and dance in the car. This is followed by Venezuelan food and bungee jumping. That food and this date sound like it is going to be a catastrophe. Why do these girls not put dolphins and cupcakes as their fears? Those shorts are no bueno. Juan Pablo says it will not ruin his day if they do not jump all I am thinking is "but it will ruin the producers’ day." They talk about fears and conclude the day with Billy Currington. Back at the mansion: Elise talks to Cassandra (the youngest person in the house by far) how Chelsie is too young for him, who happens to be three years older than the person she is talking to. Awkward is an understatement. Pool party: Kelly and Molly come downstairs and she is in knee socks, glasses and has a top-knot. Renée comes down and Juan Pablo loves that she does not have to fix her hair. Clare looks good in “pee-yamas.” Then they all had breakfast. Sharleen is worried about not being fun in which causes her to cry. Way to prove a point one tear at a time. Clare has a minor meltdown caused by first date disorder. Renée talks Clare out of her sadness and somehow she looks flawless again in time for Juan Pablo. Renée needs to be a therapist. Rose Ceremony: My favorites got through thankfully. Lucy and Christy were sent home and I am just sad the lack of shenanigans I thought we would get to see more of when it came to Lucy. She was so entertaining and was starting to grow on me.

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