Thursday, March 13, 2014

My opinions on Juan Pablo & "The Bachelor"

Last night I went back and watched "The Bachelor" finale and "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" again. No surprise, but it was just as painful and awkward as the first time. I went through and recapped the entire thing (three pages worth) but realized this episode needed more of an explanation to back up my tweets and thoughts on the entire season.

First, I have absolutely no issue with the fact Juan Pablo did not propose. Either way he is giving me a lot of blogging material. I really do not even mind that he did not fall in love. What I cannot understand is how it seems like he doesn't really like anyone except Juan Pablo. Some Bachelors have cared more about people who they sent home on the first night more than Juan Pablo does about his final one.

My issues have been and still are:

Cassandra getting sent home on her birthday when he did not know anything more about her than at the rose ceremony before. There were not any new things he learned on the group date so he should have sent her home then and she would have been home in time to spend her birthday with her son.

He did not seem bothered at all by Sharleen leaving and she was his favorite.

Juan Pablo meeting Renee's son and then sending her home at the next rose ceremony. He knew he did not want to be a stepfather so he should not have went through with meeting Ben. You go weeks without kissing her to respect Ben, but you meet him and send her home.

Juan Pablo and Andi's fantasy suite date: a lot of people blamed Andi for being overdramatic in this scenario. Andi has been one of my top favorites from the beginning and to me it did not seem like that at all. She gave examples of stuff he said like telling her she was "default" and talking about "Clare's date" which is even weirder. It showed his lack of respect or even feelings in this by not caring that one of his final three was going home.

There are so many issues when it comes to Clare. I thought it was ridiculous him playing the child card on her when he willingly did things with her. That he continually lead her on majorly and made her feel like she was number one. She was absolutely at fault in that two, but he really kept it going. Even worse, during their last date he said he "loved ******* her." It was not caught on a microphone or video but there is video of Clare sharing what he said.  That was so disrespectful and he then went on to reassure her their relationship was not just physical and talked about having children with her. Then he sent her home and when she went off he said "I am glad I did not pick her." Wow, as if he could not get any worse he went there.

You would think at this point the laundry list of issues would be done, but even the way he treats Nikki is bad. He set there and made a fool out of her. He could not even say he loved her (whatever,) he did not want to talk about their relationship at all (you are on TV) and has no plans with her. Plus, what is the surprise? He told production he had a surprise and then did not?

Last,  how Juan Pablo treated absolutely everyone. He insulted specific demographics, ABC and was rude to Chris Harrison. Editing cannot make up things you say, it can show out of context or tone, but what you say is still your problem.

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