Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'The Bachelor' Juan Pablo Finale

Meet Juan Pablo’s Parents and some lucky vacation winners. Since when do cousins get free trips to paradise? Clare Clare is up first which does not surprise me because she has been in everything else this far. It is not all rainbows and butterflies because Juan Pablo’s family even thinks he is rude, even his mom, she said, “He sometimes is very rude.” On another note, I love Juan Pablo’s papa. Seriously how did Juan Pablo come from that sweet family? Nikki

Nikki shows up and thankfully they remember her because we do not want a Neil Lane and Ben Flajnik moment (we actually do.) Nikki’s side braid and bringing flowers shows she is in it to win it. She gets to talk to Juan Pablo’s papi who is the best, and he says, “You know he is not an easy guy.” Juan Pablo's mom asks what they would do if they were together. Her answer is beach, play and games. Is she talking to his mom or Camilla? She says she is not sure if he is ready and Nikki still is not worried. Juan Pablo has 99 problems and they are all the opinions of his family. I can’t remember the last time a lead’s family threw him or her under the bus like Juan Pablo’s family.This situation has more red flags than a beach during a hurricane. Final dates Clare Clare is excited to see Juan Pablo of course and it looks like it will be one of their normal dates, but then things go wrong very quickly. Juan Pablo says “something” that is extremely offensive, but there is no microphone, no camera and all kinds of problems. The pilot knows and I bet he already has a book deal. Clare hints that it has to do with their physical connection, which is something you, me and a sea knows about. This statement upsets Clare which ended up no kisses for Juan Pablo when he arrived. When she asks him about what he said then he does not remember. In true Juan Pablo fashion he sweet talks her back into him and the entire time I am thinking “break up with him.” He should have never talked about having children with her and I am convinced he is the type of guy who can break up with you and make you feel like it is your idea. Nikki Juan Pablo talks about how much Nikki loves him but that he needs to find out if he is interested in her. We are down to the final two so there has to be at least one person you think is “cool” or I would settle for “all right.” It is your final date and you wear sweatpants Juan Pablo, way to bring your A game. Nikki professes her love and Juan Pablo doesn’t say anything except “it’s ok.” The date ends with Nikki crying and it is clear that no one is happy. Final Rose Clare

Being first in this competition is beneficial 99.9% of the time, but when it comes to arriving to the final rose ceremony it shows that you are about to get dumped. How does Chris Harrison keep a straight face when the first person shows up? I would probably be the person to beg him to tell me if I was first or last. Does anyone remember the awkward time that the contestant that was picked got to watch the other person get dumped? I think it was Jesse Palmer's season with Jessica and Tara (This is based on my memory, I didn't look it up.) To this day I don’t understand why contestants spill their souls at the final rose ceremony. At this point, the person has made their decision (maybe) whether it is you or not, if it is you can tell him or her after and if not you keep your dignity. Juan Pablo starts to give Clare the compliment sandwich and she knows she is done. After the breakup talk he tries to give her a hug and she puts her hands up. All the single ladies put your hands up. Clare goes off and I am glad she did that vs. breaking down. Andi and Sharleen got a shout out in the breakup chat and Clare says she wouldn’t want him to be the father of her children. This OH SNAP moment is more than I could have ever asked for. You go Clare, you go! Juan Pablo had the nerve at the end to say he was glad he didn’t pick her. In Clare’s ITM she talks about what Juan Pablo said to her and wow does he have a way with words. 

Nikki Nikki is going into this thinking that she is getting engaged. Most of all, I miss the appearances by Neil Lane. What did he do just FedEx a ring to St. Lucia? The first half of the conversation sounds exactly like Clare’s did and Nikki thinks she is going home. Then Juan Pablo mentions a ring and her face lights up, just to be disappointed a few minutes later. Juan Pablo asks if Nikki will accept his rose (that looks like it may or may not be from 1-800 flowers Valentine's bouquets) and that was a delayed reaction. Was she thinking no? We will never know, unless she goes on "Bachelor Pad." After the Final Rose
Clare comes out to the hot seat with a fabulous dress and perfect curls. She does not throw him under the bus and does not seem bitter. I was really impressed with Clare at the ATFR and I know I gave her a difficult time throughout the season, but she redeemed herself. As much as I would have liked to see those two chat it would have just been “it’s ok.” Juan Pablo interrupts Chris Harrison and wants everything kept private. Nikki is not sure if Juan Pablo loves her, but she loves him. Juan Pablo & Nikki

He is extremely cold and Nikki seems so awkward about it all. I feel so bad for her. Tomorrow I will be posting my thoughts on the entire season and another about Andi being "The Bachelorette." Who else is excited that it is Andi?

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