Thursday, May 22, 2014

'The Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Season Premiere

We kick off ‘The Bachelorette’ season on a somber note with the passing of Eric Hill, which I think that ABC handled the situation well. Then we go to Andi’s hometown in Atlanta, and get to see dad Dorfman. Hy is everything and already has me wishing for the final two. Then poof the show ends up shopping in LA, taking promo photos and walking on the beach.

Andi is waiting on the couch and we hear a knock on the door. It is Andi’s sister who I almost forgot about because Hy overshadowed everyone including Juan Pablo on that date. All I kept thinking was, where is Kelly and Molly?  As far as outfits Andi’s choice was between gold and gold, for the season premiere metallic is always the answer.

Marcus: seems cool and is nice looking. Andi thinks het is “hot.”

Chris: what a pretty farmer, Andi may want to hit the hay with him.

JJ: I am patiently waiting for a “pants” joke.  Does anyone else think he belongs on “Southern Charm.”

Marquel: His outfit is dapper and has a nice smile.  The cookie monster is here to make friends.

Tasos: The lovers’ bridge is a little cheesy but seems more normal than his bio.

Cody: Pushing the limo was not the most over-the-top thing we have seen, but it was up there. I know he did not get that tan in Chicago.

Steven: He seems nice but his hair screams “bro.”

Rudie: seems nice the mutual career field does not seem enough.

Carl: Someone is the victim of the bio photo.

Jason: If he had a hair cute he would have made it through, my dad even agrees.

Nick: Seems like a guy who will make a lot of jokes and try to steal the attention. Nothing says first impression rose like 10 siblings.

Dylan: Very nervous so I do not have much of an opinion.

Patrick: He will either be amazing or have a girlfriend.

Emil: Like Anal with an “m.” This was so cringe-worthy and hilarious.

Brett: Stop trying to make that lamp and mullet happen. He should have given a keratin treatment as a gift. Nothing screams sane like a hotel staying clepto.

Craig: Someone wasted a perfectly fine bottle of alcohol. Who says “potentially fall in love with you?”

Ron: Seems very normal, how did he get on this show?

Bradley: Why recreate the opera-singing wheel?

Josh B: Not much of an impression either way.

Nick S: He shows up on a golf cart and I think Andi is relieved he is not a caddy.

Brian: No complaints, he just seems like a normal guy.

Andrew: He seems like the person who is not there for the right reason. 

Mike: Hair cut.

Eric: I am so depressed about this because he gave the best gift in the history of gifts.  He is so beautiful too.

Josh M: Hands down an early favorite. He just moved to Atlanta and is pretty much Roberto, so hello.   

*Chris Bukowski: Who knew he was coming back to the show? Second, there is no way he just showed up. Andi not really knowing who he is was pretty funny though.

Roses: JJ, Eric, Marquel, Craig, Tasos, Josh M, Brian, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Ron, Carl, Chris, Dylan, Brett, Patrick, Cody and other Nick.

What did you all think of the premiere episode? Tweet with me during the show @BachelorExpert.



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