Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"The Bachelorette" Season 10 Episode Six Recap

“The Bachelorette” episode kicks off in Italy and the guys are very excited. Sporting v-necks and hoodies, the guys are shocked when Andi explains the next one-on-one starts immediately.


The date goes to C-O, just kidding the date goes to the person who does not play with others. Nick looks like he could be the child of Ben Flajnik and Spencer Pratt. Andi and Nick hang out and the get all dressed up for a fancy dinner. Nick explains how he is offended by being called the frontrunner and everything that happened last week. The night ends with a mask and a make out session.

Group Date:

The guys are distraught that they have to participate in the lie detector test. I feel they should take a breather and be happy that they do not have that man who always appears on Dr. Phil. The test questions range from “are you here for the right reasons” to “do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?”

Dylan who does not wash gets hands get cold feet or dirty hands and does not feel well. He goes back to the hotel for no reason though because she does not read the results. Andi why did you not read them? I am terrified that she and the contestants will all get the norovirus because of poor hand-washing practices.

Brian steals Andi away for one-on-one time and he really has some game. Then the guys do a collective kick in the face to whoever is the “secret admirer.”

I do like Josh but he was totally sour grapes during this date, maybe it was the scarf cutting off circulation or something.

Chris admits he is the secret admirer and Andi could already tell. Andi feels that he makes their alone time like a date and gives him the rose. In return, JJ throws a fit and does not want to be happy for him.


Cody finally gets a date and he is thrilled. I love how excited the guys were for him to get a date. Their date is to read love letters and it is really sweet. Cody is a solid guy and I am not even talking about muscles.

For dinner, Cody wears a v-neck and a blazer. The dinner starts out casual but ends with Andi in tears and Cody saying the long he is kept around the more he is trouble. She respects him too much to let him stay and Cody realizes that he just got six weeks of vacation.

Cocktail Party:

Nick who has a rose pulls Andi away and this continues to show how he cannot play well with others. Dylan is going to interrupt and I have fingers-washed, I mean fingers-crossed that he washed his hands before.

Everyone is on their game during the party and Josh feels the most insecure because he was Debby Downer about the lie detector date. She did not read the results so drop it.

Rose Ceremony:

JJ goes home, old man version and all.

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