Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bachelor Summer Recap

I really fell off of the blogging wagon this last season and a half with finishing school (graduated woohoo), starting a new job and really liking the people on the show. A lot has happened in the Bachelor world since I last blogged. 

I cheered for Andi all of the way through Juan Pablo's season and really love her and Josh together. I have said multiple times how interesting it was to watch a season where the contestants did not have girlfriends, were not disappointed with the lead and all fell in love. When there is not any drama and you like the lead there is not much to talk about. The only drama all season was Tricky Nicky at the After the Final Rose, which was a low blow I might add. 

We are in middle of Bachelor in Paradise which is a perfect mess. This season is filled with fan favorites some being my Bachelor pals. 

I love Michelle Money being back on TV, she is the only person I have interviewed twice. Of course having Chris back was funny as ever, he is a trooper and is the only person who still follows me after so much Twitter snark. I have been surprised by the amount of coupling up (except for Kovacs he has been doubling and tripling up). 

Regardless of when Marcus and Lacy go home she won. She got out of Juan Pablo's season on the first night, got Marcus to fall for her and managed to make it all the way to the bathroom before throwing up. If that does not deserve an award I do not know what does. 

The recreation of the Putz balcony fall and Kalon solo date are my top Bachelor in Paradise moments so far. 

Then the next Bachelor was announced. I had my fingers crossed it would be Chris. He seems like such a good guy and there are not enough people in his town for him to find love. Arie was not neutral enough of a contestant, I liked him on Emily's season but that was a long time ago and that would be a tough sell. Chris will be charming and the girls will be crazy and we will all tweet in happily ever after. 

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