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Chris Soules 'The Bachelor' Season 19: Bachelorette Contestants Preview

The Bachelor is back on Monday, January 5 at  8 p.m. I have 30 problems and they are all the amount of contestants on this show. To avoid extreme boredom, I went ahead and chose six people to talk about.

This preview will put the super in superficial, because it is solely based on their bios, photos or if I thought I would be friends with the person.  Below is some information from the bios, my thoughts and on a scale of one to 10 how likely I think the person is to win.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! More importantly, I will be tweeting the show from paradise if all goes according to plan, if not you will most likely see a distress signal in the air (or on Twitter).

I am here to make friends and say a lot of overused Bachelor phrases. We might as well do so together, tweet with me @BachelorExpert.


Ashley I
Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

She is 26, a freelance journalist and has great eyelashes. You can write from anywhere, but the lack of a near Sephora may damper this lovely lash lady’s beauty routine. 

On a scale of one – 10: four 
Reasoning: Dirt in Iowa vs. Dry Bar 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment 

Becca is 25 and a Chiropractic Assistant. People have bad backs and achy necks everywhere, so this job is realistic. San Diego to Iowa seems like a rough adjustment though (can’t wait for the puns).  I like her peach top and sense of humor, since her biggest date fear is the famous Dumb and Dumber scene. 

On a scale of one – 10: eight
Reasoning: Her job is realistic and she seems funny. If they do not end up tying the knot she can at least get the knots out of his back. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

She is 29 and a cruise ship singer. The whole cruise ship job may make this unlikely, but if cruise ships ever start staying on land, I would be more likely to get on one. She is the member of the Waddell family, remember one of my favorites, Zak W? The Waddell’s do well on this show, sno-cones and all. 

On a scale of one – 10: six
Reasoning: Sno-cones> everything else, the job may hurt her chances though. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

She is 28 and a cosmetic developer. My right reasons’ radar is go off though, because that does not seem like a feasible job for Iowa. She may ditch the concealer for a combine though. We have seen crazier things before. 

On a scale of one – 10: six
Reasoning: I wonder if she is willing to give up LA for Iowa. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

Jillian is 25, a news producer and wore the perfect color for her BIO photo. Have we had a Jillian since Harris? Also, she looks the most likely Andi. 

On a scale of one – 10: five 
Reasoning: News producers have late and overnight hours, so driving far to a news station seems difficult.

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

The 28-year-old guidance counselor at the very least will keep the girls from crying. Hopefully we can avoid “Did you sleep here?” and “Did you pay for it?” moments by having Kelsey around. 

On a scale of one – 10: six
Reasoning: Children need guidance everywhere. 

Photo: ABC/Disney Entertainment

A 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago seems like the perfect match for Chris. She is from the Midwest and has a job that would work in a small town.  In addition, she is gorgeous and has great hair. 

On a scale of one – 10: nine and a half
Reasoning: It seems like the easiest transition, plus how beautiful would their children be?  

Photo rights belong to ABC/Disney Entertainment. 

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