Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'The Bachelor' Episode 4

This week included the Soule sisters, camping, Cinderella and muck. The Ashley's really know how to keep it interesting, with camp stories and breakdowns. 

Group Date #1:

Kaitlyn, Ashley I, Megan, Kelsey, Ashley S, Mackenzie, Juelia and Samantha

The top three things from this date were: 

1. Ashley S. rowing the kayak out to Kaitlyn and Chris' one-on-one time. The look of both of their faces was priceless. 
2. Ashley I. waking up Chris from sleeping and ruining a perfectly good dose of NyQuil. He had no idea of what she was talking about. 
3. Kelsey hating the date, but managing to seem like she loved it. 

Soule Sisters: 

The fabulous and fashionable Soule sisters arrive to interview the women. One of the sisters traveled all of the way from Ireland and Jillian could not wake up on time. 

Jade won the date, I feel Whitney and Carly were a close second and third though. 

Jade #1 One-on-One Date: 

Cinderella ella ella eh Jade -- part of the date is a little annoying because of the cross-promotion, but Ashley I's pity party made the date completely worth it. 

Group Date #2:

Jillian, Whitney, Becca, Britt, Carly and Nikki

This date was interesting for sure. First of all, they had to run through muck in wedding dresses. Second, some girls had a very unfair advantage of getting dresses with straps. However, there was no surprise that Jillian won.

Luckily, Jillian winning got her alone time. Their one-on-one date was incredibly awkward and one-sided. 

The luggage guy finally has a job to do, because Jillian did not get the rose. 

Cocktail Party:

Then Becca gives us some insight that Ashley I's main storyline is not unique. 

In a nutshell, the cocktail party surrounded Ashley's breakdown, that there are two virgins in the house and Britt freaking out on Chris.

Rose Ceremony: 

Juelia went home, which was very sad I hope she finds a normal and nice guy. Unfortunately, Ashley S. went home, talk about devastating. Then Nikki, but did we know anything about her? I always admire the people that go home unknown. 

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