Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'The Bachelor' Ashley Iaconetti Tells All; Kelsey Poe and the Princess Date to who Chris Soules Should Choose

Ashley Iaconetti was a hot topic on 'The Bachelor' this season. Panic attack victim Kelsey, comments on Britt, to the princess complex and who she thinks Chris will end up with are all questions that are answered.

Panic attack Kelsey: 

Ashley I's reaction to the Kelsey Poe panic attack was one of my favorite moments. However, the jury is still out on if the panic attack was authentic, 'You know, I can’t say for sure,' said Ashley I. 'I’m not Kelsey and I’m not the medics that were around her, but I just think it was a fishy time to faint in that situation.'

Ashley I. on Britt:

When Ashley was sent home by Chris for being a fan of beauty products and clothes, she responded with concern about Britt. This created speculation that there were issues with Britt, therefore, Ashley cleared up the issue, 'No, Britt was always completely nice,' said Ashley I, ' She really was the nicest girl, but if he was judging me based on the same stuff as in my appearance, I like make-up and I like fashion and I’m from a big metropolitan area, then he should’ve been judging Britt for the same thing.'

Princess Complex:

The princess date that never was, made for an entertaining episode. Ashley I got dressed up, drank champagne and ate corn-on-the-cob. However, the situation was not serious; 'I have sort of a princess complex,' said Ashley I.  'I never really grew out of my Disney phase and it wasn’t supposed to be taken as seriously as some people may have taken it.'

'It was supposed to be light-hearted, I was jealous, but it wasn’t coming from a bad place,' said, Ashley I. 

Who Ashley thinks is right for Chris: 

After 'The Bachelor' episode last night three women remain. Instead of glittery eye shadow, Ashley must have been looking in a crystal ball, because Becca and Whitney are her choices for Chris. 'I feel like they are bold southern girls, Becca’s from Louisiana, Whitney is from Kentucky,' said Ashley I. 'They’re genuinely two of the sweetest, nicest people I’ve ever met.'

'They’re stand-up girls and I feel they have the type of personality that Chris would appreciate,' said Ashley I.

Ashley I. was entertaining during the season and most importantly owns the experience. There are two types of contestants post-show, the people who own their behavior and those who do not.

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