Tuesday, February 3, 2015

'The Bachelor' Episode 5

This show is far from normal. However, last night was a new extreme. Since this was an unusual episode, the recap will be set up differently. 

Top Five Things That Made Me Say Wow: 

1. The Kelsey and Chris saga

I have seen a lot on this show, but this was the most bizarre. Topics that came up in the conversation include:
  • Kelsey warned Chris that 'she was not leaving'
  • She was using this to steal time
  • She said her late's husband name
  • They were only dating for three months before getting engaged
  • She said, 'Isn't my story amazing?' and 'I love my story'
  • They kissed right after she told her story 
  • She confirmed that this was her show too
  • It was said to watch the 'love story unveil

There have been so-called villains throughout the seasons, but this was scary. 

I do not know Kelsey, but timing and method on this show is everything. It appeared that she thought she was going home. Therefore, this prompted Kelsey to tell Chris her story. The tone in her voice was eerily calm. 

When Juelia told her story at a pool party, some viewers thought that was a strange environment. Now, it seems better to tell on a group date, where you aren't expecting anything in return. She was no expecting a rose or to stay because of it. Kelsey had the opportunity to tell during their camping group date.

Kelsey is to Juelia, what Ashley I. is to Becca. People can have similar situations, but handle them in a different manner. Additional thoughts about the conversation include, I thought her naming him appeared insensitive to put him and his family under the public eye. Then in the next breath she went in for a kiss with Chris. 

At the cocktail party she said, I'm sad to be saying bye to people, I'm not going home, or maybe I am. Then Britt made a comment about pumps, which is funny because I made a joke about shopping for shoes at Nordstrom minutes before.

I hope Kelsey has fallen victim to the environment and is not normally that calm about the situation. 
2. Chris and Carly's date was strange and uncomfortable. 

They need to go back to shutting down bridges in sketchy areas. There is only one word to explain this date, awkward. 

3. Sending the girl who gets hypothermia easy on a rafting date.

The Tierra situation is clear now; Tierra faked a condition that Jade actually has. Come on ABC, do not sacrifice Cinderella. 

4. Jordan returning to the show and Ashley I's reaction.

The weirdest thing about this entire situation was that she drove. Did she really drive from Colorado? Other than Ed, returning has never worked. 

Ashley I. wanted to be mean and luckily, Whitney gave her a lesson on kindness and maturity. I feel I need to do a PSA, because Whitney's accent is not fake. A lot of people in Louisville have southern accents. 

5. Britt's 'Nap'

I am guessing they just watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that would have been a great cross-promotion. 

Honorable Mentions: 
  • Britt's fear of heights going away
  • Megan's skills in geography
  • Britt wearing make up to bed 
What did you all think of last night? I was so disappointed when it was 'To be continued.'

Let's tweet next week, @BachelorExpert and make sure not to miss the beginning of the show. 


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