Monday, February 16, 2015

'The Bachelor' Episode 7

A lot happened on Sunday night's episode from interviews to visiting Chris' hometown.

Kelsey Interview:

We talk to Kelsey who reaffirms that she is a 'mental health professional. Unfortunately, we did not learn anything new. ABC used this interview to tease the Women Tell All.

Andi Interview: 

Chris Harrison talks to Andi about her break up with Josh. However, Andi looks so pretty and has to be wearing the Naked 3 eyeshadows, because her smokey eye is perfect. 

Chris squared talks about Ashley S. and her craziness.

Somehow all of this and talking about the 2-on-1 lasted for an hour but then we got to a full episode.

Jade's One-on-One:

Jade and Chris go to his hometown, Arlington. Jade, a self-proclaimed small towner is shocked by the size of the town. They go to his house, which is nice and they do the Midwestern thing to in the fall, a football game. Jade had the opportunity to meet his parents. A combination of meeting his parents, the sisters choosing her and going to his hometown proves that Jade is the dark horse of the competition. 

Whitney's One-on-One:

Whit gets a date in Des Moines. Based on the date, which I found to be really cute, I am assuming Chris thinks Whitney can handle Iowa. She gets to meet his friends and has an advantage in that aspect of his life. At the end of their photo taking date they are showed a mural of their photography. 

Trek to Arlington:

Meanwhile, the other girls minus Jade who already trekked to Arlington, 'snuck away' to the hometown. All of their reactions about the hopping town were hilarious. I grew up in a small town, but we at least had a bar and gas station; in addition to living 40 minutes away from a major city. 

Group Date: 

Kaitlyn, Carly and Britt go on a date. This date proves Carly and Kaitlyn need their own show, seriously, double Bachelorettes anyone? Carly does the top Bachelor sin though, she throws Britt under the bus, which is never good. 

During the second part of the date Kaitlyn needs some reassurance, therefore, Chris gives her the rose to prove they still have a connection. However, in doing this, he caused Britt to have a 'Britt fit.' 

Carly's Response to the Britt Fit:

Jade's Secret: 

Cocktail Party:

At the cocktail party, Megan and Chris have a chat. She sees that their connection is not as strong and leaves. 

Then we leave on a cliffhanger again. 


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