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'The Bachelor' Episode 8

Becca's One-on-One: 

Chris takes Becca on a date in Des Moines and she looked bright in her yellow outfit.

They visit Chris' 'loft,' which he explained was not actually his loft in his recap. However, viewers and Chris learned that Becca has never been in love. Chris was not fazed by Becca revealing her relationship history.

Back at the House: 

The women discuss the group date and Britt fit, which occurred the night before. Britt informed the group that she was eliminating herself.

Rose Ceremony:

The cocktail party was canceled, but the show has its own Kanye who is Britt. She interrupted Chris' speech and asked if they can talk. She apologized and did not seem like she would eliminate herself.

It appeared that after the Britt fit, Chris thought of her differently and that was not going to change. He explained that he felt 'disrespected' for himself and everyone.

This was the first time Britt was not the center of attention. It was rough to see the women watch Britt and Chris' relationship progress, especially because of how captivated he was by her.

Britt overreacted to Kaitlyn receiving the rose. Britt was not fazed when she was on stage with Big & Rich and the women were sitting by themselves for an hour. The previous treatment set a standard for the process in Britt's mind and Chris had idealized Britt. It was a horrible result, because both of their ideas were shattered simultaneously.

Unfortunately for Carly, it never works to tattle on someone. Carly was one of my favorite contestants, however, it did appear that she projected some insecurity toward Britt. While Britt was over-the-top, her excitement of Britt getting sent home was harsh. In Carly's defense, it seemed that the 'watching her squirm' comments did not match to the context of her going home. I wonder if the comments were regarding Britt after the group date.

Hometown #1 Becca: 

There was an emphasis on Chris being the first guy Becca brought home. The family admits that it is weird to see Becca with a guy and her sister reaffirms that Becca does not like intimacy, public display of affection and more. Momma Nancy did not seem happy that Becca went on 'The Bachelor.' In concluding their conversation, she said, 'good luck to you.' Chris seemed concerned, but his connection with Becca was intriguing enough to outweigh the doubt.

My favorite part about the date was the ending. We always see the couples kiss after hometowns and separate, but not this time. He took Becca to the Louisiana State Fair and rode the ferris wheel.

Hometown #2 Whitney:

Whitney's family dynamic was different from most contestants, as a result, she hosted her date in Chicago.

First, Chris and Whitney went to the baby-making clinic. Overall, this portion of the date was light-hearted. Whitney played a prank on Chris and showed a different side of their relationship.

Before they met the family, Chris asked Whitney whose blessing he should ask for. This showed his level of seriousness for Whitney. It is unclear if he asked any of the other families the same question. Whitney told Chris to ask her sister and half-way through I think she wish she could have revoked it.

This date was sad and sweet. It was incredibly heart-wrenching, because it was not solely about their relationship, There was a huge void in Whitney's life without her mother. Even though Kimberley could not give her consent to marry Whitney at the time, I hope Chris calls her if the time comes.

Then Whitney and Chris shared a bottle of wine that she bought to share with her future husband. Rarely, do I have feelings about this show instead of entertainment, but this was genuine and sweet.

Hometown #3 Kaitlyn:

The date started out in a back alley. Somewhere, the president of the tourism board was having a Kelsey style panic attack. The date was recording a rap song.

Kaitlyn's family was calm and open to the situation, which is one of the many reasons she would be an excellent next 'Bachelorette.' The family was nice and concerned, which was refreshing.

The date concluded with a billboard that said 'Kaitlyn <3 Chris.'

Hometown #4 Jade: 

There was anticipation leading up to this date, because of the 'Playboy' photos. Jade was afraid that her family would tell Chris before she had the opportunity. Then Jade's brother calls her a 'wild mustang.'

Throughout the date--Jade's family seemed to be surprised by Chris' 'value' comments. In addition, the family did not think the chances of her moving to Iowa were likely.

Post-family--Chris and Jade went back to their hotel for a talk. The 'talk' was more awkward than I expected. Chris looked terrified when Jade told him about her past. I don't know if showing the photos to Chris was a good idea, but then she did have to give him an idea of the extent of the photos.

His face showed that he was not going to recover from that. His small town in a conservative state would have not been as accepting.

Rose Ceremony: 

Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn received roses. For the first time, Chris seemed devastated by his choice. She had been selected by his sisters, went to his hometown and met his parents. As a result, it seemed that she would fit into his life seamlessly. However, sometimes a person who seems perfect, does not fit into the big picture.

What did you think of the episode? Should he have kept Jade?

I cannot wait to tweet about the next episode, @BachelorExpert. The women finally get to leave the country.


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